April 22, 2013

Life interrupted...

The week that was...

"Life Interrupted"
Philadelphia, PA
April 15 - April 22, 2013
Project 52 (16/52)

Life interrupted.  That's what last week was for moi.  That's what last week was for many.  Once news spread of the Boston Marathon bombing I was glued to the media for info.  Television at home, radio in the car.  I even traded my carefully selected "pump me up" playlist of 1980's power rock anthems at the gym (and believe me, it's a FANTASTIC playlist), and plugged into news programming while on the elliptical instead.  It wasn't until an end was put to the terrorist brothers that I realized how consumed I was to keep abreast of the situation.  And how my week was spent confined indoors, plugged in, and tuned out to living my own life.

Life interrupted.  I'm lucky.  My interruption was only temporary and of my own choosing.  I wasn't interrupted permanently thru death or injury.  I wasn't even interrupted with mandatory confinement to my home for safety purposes. And I'm certainly not interrupted by terrorisms' ultimate goal...fear.

"The enemy is fear.  We think it is hate.  But, it is fear."
-- Gandhi

I was a passive observer of life last week.  Sitting in the comfort of my home, looking out on our world.  Nope, I didn't like what I saw.  Life interrupted, on many different levels...including my own.  How many times have I thought "that could never happen to me or my loved ones".  Obviously, it can.  Not necessarily as the result of a terrorist attack, but for many different unexpected reasons.  So do I live my life in fear of it being suddenly interrupted?  Or do I live my life with courage BECAUSE it could be interrupted at any unforeseen time? 

"Inaction breeds doubt and fear.
Action breeds confidence and courage.
If you want to conquer fear, do not sit at home and think about it.
Go out and get busy."
-Dale Carnegie

If last week taught me nothing else, it taught me to treat my life with care.  Remember what's really important.  To not be a passive observer to my own life.  Most importantly, not take life for granted.  Because you just never know when life might be interrupted.


  1. Kathy, I couldn't agree with you more. As I get older...everyday just seems more precious than the last one.

  2. Really good food for thought. Working to 'change my mind' as I keep active. Love having these words and quotes to mull over!

  3. Great shot : Great thoughts. And so true. I was going to just stay around the house today but with this in mind I think I will grab the camera and head out ... somewhere!


  4. Agreed. I was tuning in via satellite radio in my car trying to stay caught up. The whole situation rocked me for sure, but I think what got me most was the sweet 8 year old out to watch his dad run.i have an 8 year old and I cannot imagine taking him out for a fun day, and having this happen. What parent thinks their child will be killed by a terrorist? That just makes me angry, that this CAN happen just like that.

  5. So so agreed. I am a news junky to begin with and was superglued to the screen.

    Thanks for your love and support!

  6. Beautiful words, Kathy. You say some wise things here. We never know when life--the life that we are used to, enjoy, love--can be interrupted and become different.I feel like I need to be ready for changes, but not afraid of them. And I need to enjoy the time I'm given now.

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  8. What a horrible week. You were much closer to the area, which made it more real in a sense, I'm sure.

  9. I experienced the same thing this past week - glued to the media, saddened and preoccupied by the heartbreak and tragedy of it all. You give great advice - what a beautiful quote.

  10. I think that quote from Gandhi which I've never heard before so thank you for sharing it, is absolutely true. This post was so interesting to read on your reminder about life interrupted.

  11. Beautifully stated and so true. You were not alone, many of us were also glued to media outlets.

  12. Such wisdom, and yes our lives can be interrupted any moment of any day. I see it all the time in the medical field. A lesson that makes one really appreciate each moment.

  13. Beautiful sentiments, Kathy.

  14. Wonderful post Kathy. Not to be a passive observer is an excellent reminder.

  15. Your photo alone speaks so strongly to how life can be lived if we let it ...and your words so beautifully as to how life can be when we choose NOT to. A beautiful post!

  16. I've always tried to live this way, but like you, can get sucked into the goings on of our world.
    With the moving of my youngest quickly approaching (we leave May 30th), I have been having these same thoughts.
    Did you write this post just for me???