July 15, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday (July 15, 2012)...

Greetings from Denver.  ACTUALLY, I'm on a plane on my way home from Denver.  I might ACTUALLY be over St. Louis as you read this.  But ACTUALLY, I'm sitting in my computer room at home preparing this post on Wednesday in anticipation of ACTUALLY being in an airplane flying home from Denver on Sunday.  So if it is Sunday, where am I....???????  Well I KNOW I'm not in Italy, bummer.

Now that I've totally confused ALL of us, this week's prompts are:  Water, Petal, Fresh, Eight, and Calm.

1.  Water

I was in Cincinnati last week.  It was 103 degrees.  I walked outside.  I saw water.  I took a photo.  I went back inside.  And THAT was about as much of Cincy as I saw.

2.  Petal

He loves me?  He loves me not?  Hmmmmm, since all petals are intact I guess we are undecided here.


3.  Fresh

"Oregano Anyone?"

Fresh herbs from my herb pot.  

4.  Eight

What could be better than wine jewelry?  Eight pieces of wine jewelry.

5.  Calm

"Stay Calm"

I had such a cr*ppy workout the other day.  I stomped to the car, threw my headphones onto the car seat, admonished myself with a few choice words and then....looked over.  Maybe it was just me in my delusional worked-up state but doesn't this look like some happy whacked out guy saying "Just be happy, mon"?  Okay, maybe it's just me.  But it calmed me down anyway....mon.

Even tho it's Wednesday and I'm sitting in Philly, I'm sure that when you read this I will be flying home from Denver having experienced a FABULOUS time with some family I haven't seen in like....forevvvvvver.   And I just want to tell you the Mile High City lived up to every expectation that I had (keeping my fingers crossed on this one).  


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  1. Love your water shot and that wine jewelry is very cool. Hope your visit with family was fabulous.

  2. What a great water shot, petal, oh so dreamy! Oregano...will go with some of the tomatoes I have seen earlier, although basil would probably be better but I'm not choosy. Eight, what a brilliant idea! Calm? actually it makes me laugh! Great set as always, and glad you had a great time!!

  3. LOL! Love your calm shot, I could have done with that myself this week. The eight shot is gorgeous, how pretty that jewellery is, and I do like the frozen water droplets in the top shot. Hope you had/are having a great trip!

  4. Love the wine jewellery and your water shot. Glad to hear you had a great time in Denver.

  5. You are such a traveler! Love that fountain picture!! Hope you had a good flight!

  6. Hope your travels were wonderful. Great shots, Kathy..................... love the statue with water coming out of her hands.

  7. Lovely set! I really like your water shot!

  8. Hope Denver was super fabulous. Since you only stepped out in Cincy-you made the best. That water shot is incredible. Never admonish yourself for going to the gym. It's so much better than not having tried at all. have a great day, and welcome home.

  9. Well, mission accomplished, I'm totally confused Waldo (as in "where is?").

    Beautiful shots -- sorry about the workout. You'll do better next time, mon. Lol.

    Thanks for sharing at YSB this week, Kathy. xo

  10. I see the face, taunting me for not yet getting myself inshape. Love the petals And fresh herbs. Hope you enjoyed Denver!

  11. Oh funnny! I totally see your rasta-happy-man! Love that one! And petals too. Glad you had a good trip.... I hope anyway ;D

  12. Great set - even better commentary. Your headphones are definitely sending you a message. :)

  13. I hope your trip to Denver was wonderful, Kathy - I look forward to the photos! :) And yep, mon, I definitely think the ear buds were speaking to you. They were cheering you up in a low moment - that's why they're your buds. *cheesy* lol

  14. Oh goodness I'm not sure where you're at right now but I at least know where I'm at and enjoying your post.
    Water - Wow that is some fountain! - Super Cool.
    Petal - Very dreamy
    Fresh - Yum, I've never grown herbs before.
    Eight - Cool jewelry, I thought at first it was a windchime of some sort.
    Calm - Now that is fun. I can totally see it.

  15. well, whereever you are these are just great. Glad you are having fun this summer.

  16. Hope you've had a great trip home. Those are all wonderful shots. I think my favorite is petals, but I did get a chuckle out of your calm shot. :-)

  17. Such wonderful finds, I LOVE the Wine jewelry.. So cool. I hope you have a safe trip home.


  18. Love your series this week - Mon!

  19. You are probably home now - so welcome back. Love the petal picture. And yes now that you mention it, the twistiness of the headphones DOES look like "Just be happy, mon." So what happened to make your workout crappy? For me that would mean I didn't get on the machine I wanted to get on.

    1. Oh my...was that YOU on my leg press machine???? haha.

  20. Love your interpretation of calm! I love that water shot and the petal one is just beautiful!

  21. You are funny! and I love your petal shot... and commentary on it! ;) lol!

  22. You've completely nailed this with your first and second shot.

  23. love all your shots and especially that gorgeous flower petal, and that water shot at 103 degrees.... how did you manage to not run right through it. hope you had a fun trip home!

  24. Hi I am a new follower following you from Kenya G. Johnson's blog. She usually has great content on her posts and you were one of them. Love your pics, especially the headphone shot. Being an artist myself, that's exactly what I would have interpreted it to be. Hope you enjoyed your trip. If you get the chance buzz on over the "Its a Bee's Life."

  25. Beautiful set - loving petal and fresh!