February 13, 2012

The villain has arrived...

Do not be fooled by his cuteness.

Afterall, he is in disguise.

He is just a rat bedecked in a much cuter outfit.  I guess I have to give him props for "making it work".

But honestly, how DO you explain yourself to the birds?!?



  1. LOL! Love this Kathy - But he is really cute! ; )

  2. He's not so cute when he's in my attic having a party at 2 am!


  3. what a cute post! love the squirrel! you take great pics girl! I love that he is trying to be in disguise precious!


  4. They are havoc disguised as a cute little creatures.

  5. Great shots, Kathy. We've had a pesky red squirrel before. When we moved here I thought it was cute how he would come running out of the woods when I tapped on my bedroom window. I threw bread out for him daily until one day he was perched on the outside light at the front door looking in the living room window for me. Guess I forgot to feed him that day. Never fed him again and he eventually left. Being stalked by a red squirrel is not my idea of fun. You are right about them being in disguise. That cuteness factor gets us everytime.

  6. Love all the positions you've captured the squirrel in - and lovely light & softness in all the pictures too. In the last one he's looking at you as if he knows that you know, but that he also knows that the majority of comments on your post today will be about how adorably cute he looks.

  7. Ha ha!!! LOL!! He must be one of those college squirrels - up partying all hours of the night and morning. ;) He is cute, though. :)

  8. Awww, but Kathy, he is so cute!!!
    I cannot tell you how many things I have tried to keep them off my bird feeders, but it they want it, they find a way to get it. These are wonderful images of your little "friend."

    Thank you so much for sharing with us today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful evening!


  9. I hate squirrels and they seem to know it...when I go for a walk in the park they cross the walk in front of me, when I ride my bike they stop right in front of me...I think they like to torment me!

    I don't like their beady little eyes..but they have cute fluffy tails!

  10. Cute series! We are overrun with squirrels this year.

  11. LMAO....oh my gosh.....you hit the nail on the head....these bedecked rats make me crazy...NOTHING is sacred in our yard...but you make a hard argument against them with these amazing photos.

  12. LOL
    I just love your posts.
    At the risk of getting "boo-ed".....I am not a fan of squirrels!!!!
    Rodents with fluffy tails!
    But great great shots!

  13. Ha ha ... You make me smile ... "Honestly, how do you explain yourself to the birds." Love it. I think mice are cute too, but not when they're in my house.

  14. Wonderful photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  15. Such acute little guy! Great pictures

  16. They are little monsters I agree with you there.