January 1, 2012

Memories, Dreams, Reflections, aka....

...I have a LONG way to go baby

Ashley, over at Ramblings and Photos, has a new challenge for us this week.  Instead of Scavenger Hunt Sunday (which I am REALLY missing!) today she is hosting a challenge called "Memories, Dreams, Reflections".    Honestly, I am having a hard time remembering my kids' names these days without having to reflect on a year's worth of photos!  But, I'm taking on the challenge.

We are asked to look back at the photos we took in 2011 and find the perfect photo(s) to fit into each of her 25 categories. FYI, I'm skipping some categories.  This has been a very interesting exercise tho.   I've realized while walking down memory lane, dreaming and reflecting that I have LOTS to learn and a LONG way to go baby.  What I "thought" were pretty decent photos at the time, I'm finding I am not too happy with upon reflection.  But it's all good, you have to start somewhere, right?!?
SEE?????  <<<<<  Glass Half FULL Gal in progress!

1.  Me...and what I'm most proud of.

Yep, this is Moi so it qualifies.  I have to say, it's a pretty good representation....Dork! But it DOES bring something to mind.  Hey MOM...remember when you told me my legs would fill out when I got older?  FYI,  I was talking about my calves NOT my thighs!  As for what I am most proud of in 2011...that I started taking myself less seriously and lightened up.

2.  I Love You

3.  Still  Laughing

Thank you Mr. Phillies phan with no phasion sense!  You've given me a reason to look back on this disappointing baseball season for the Phillie phaithful and phind something to laph about.   Seriously, what NOT to wear if you are a boy over the age of 10!

4.  Winter Wonderland

Well who would have thought I'd have to go back to my October photos to find a winter wonderland.  It is now January 1st and STILL no snow.

5.  Birthday

Okay, THIS is a photo I like.  Thing #3's 14th b-day sleepover.  Teen-aged girls...ya gotta love them
OR.......(wait a minute..........................still thinking).

6.  Friends

I lost a friend to lung cancer right before the holidays this year.  Our group from high school has a joke that "The Angel Wears an Eye Patch" is OUR code phrase for passageway into the "over 50" club.  It always cracks us up, we are obviously easily amused.  I guess you had to be there AND be drinking the vino to appreciate the humor. Now we truly do have one of our own Angels (altho I doubt she's wearing an eye patch). One of my friends made up these little ornaments for each of us this past Christmas in honor of Lori and our "saying".   I think of Lori who is not with us anymore, and my amazingly kind and funny friends, who I am blessed to still have around me, whenever I see my "Angel with an eyepatch" sitting on my kitchen window sill.

7.  I Was Inspired...

By simplicity,

...and light.

8.  Spring Fever

No question, for MOI it's baseball opening day when hope "springs" eternal and I get Phillies Phever.

9.  Summer Days

EVERY day is a summer day for Homer (Dog #1)....as long as he can find a sun spot to catch some rays in.

10.  A Day in My Life

Need I say more?

11.  All Smiles

TECHNICALLY, I shouldn't include this photo.  It is from Thanksgiving 2010 (1 month outside of the time parameter) AND I didn't take it myself...altho I gave LOTS of "verbal" direction  (thank goodness Thing #2's boyfriend was with us for that duty). BUT, it makes me smile.  This is the last photo taken of my entire family together.  I will treasure it always.  For years we had all gone our separate ways for our Thanksgiving holiday.  But the hand of fate intervened in 2010 and put the thought in our heads we should "do this".  Dad had started showing signs of Alzheimers and it made us all realize how precious both family and time is.   I thank God he sent us a sign.

12.  Autumn  Harvest

Interesting the patterns you see when you look back on what intrigues you to take a photo.  Obviously I like couples walking amongst autumn foliage.

13.  I Miss You

I miss my dad's strong hands and the knowledge that he will always take care of me. It's been a very tough year, he is still with us physically, albeit in a long-term care facility.  Now it is our turn to take care of him.

14.  Dress Up


The beautiful Hedwig Hagenmayer,  my great-grandfather's sister.  I took on a project this year of organizing and "dressing up" some archival family photographs.  And in the process, fell in love with Hedwig.  Now THAT is a woman who knows how to dress up!

15.  Beautiful

Okay, the noises that come out of Thing #3's flute haven't ALWAYS been so beautiful. But they sure are now!

16.  Macro

My whole life I've been goal oriented toward going smaller rather than bigger!  But a macro LENS?  Yep, I could learn to break out of my comfort zone!

17.  Holidays

Picking a favorite?  You've GOT to be kidding! Can't believe I narrowed it down to 2!

18.  Don't Ever Change

Proud to be an American, that will never change.

19.  My Favorite (s)

For the lighting.

Because I held up traffic to take this photo.  

20.  Hopes and Dreams

Well, I HOPE you made it to the end of this post because it was a LONG one!  And I dream that there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel.

This was MUCH harder than I had anticipated. Really shouldn't have waited til Saturday afternoon to start organizing and pondering. Actuuuuuuually, that was probably a smart move. I could have KILLED myself with indecision if I had the time to devote to it. Really looking forward to seeing what other's have decided on for their inclusions. Can't wait to start my 2012 photography  journey.



  1. Job well done... love them all!

  2. I had a hard time picking too. Also related, I realized I am a photo hoarder, not being able to delete bad shots...
    I love this set, your photos, smile and photography. Happy 2012, so excited to see what it brings us :)

  3. So many great shots! I am still laughing at your "still laughing" shot! :) Happy New Year!

  4. Oh, these are all fabulous and I do remember some of them - my fav is yours too - the tree with that gorgeous light, I mean GORGEOUS!!

    And you are much better than I, regretfully I just couldn't pull it off, not even remotely! I think in my old(er) age I'm showing signs of A.D.D. and my computer shares the same room with the xbox! haha

    Happy New Year to you!!

  5. I'm just back from holidays so am catching up with posts. Thanks for all these shots, I found the one of your Dad's hand's very emotional. And I'm sorry that you have just lost a friend - growing up (old) is hard I'm finding as the days go by. I'm sorry for those difficult missing times when you've been thinking of her. You've had so many lovely shots I've enjoyed over the past months - the one that comes to mind is that glorious one of the red leaf on the white porch.

  6. So many wonderful photos! May I say first, wow, your legs are gorgeous! Love your friends story, your simplicity light shot, your perspective on summer days and your favorites, especially the tree, so gorgeous! Happy New Year Kathy, hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family.

  7. You had a great year! Still laughing over that phils phan! And that tree!! Wowza! Have a great 2012, Kathy!

  8. What a great selection...all gorgeous.
    May 2012 be a wonderful year for you.

  9. So many beautiful pictures! I laughet when I saw your Summer Days! Happy New Year!

  10. What a great selection - I did start organising mine a few weeks back but then forgot about it and had a panic yesterday! You've done so much great work this year, love the tree, your sweet dog and that shot of the flute. I think if I HAD to pick favourites it would be your simplicity and light shots - just stunning. By the way, I think that first shot of yourself qualifies you to appear in the Cath and Helen club :O)

  11. Beautiful set! I love your summer days shot and the one of your dad's hands :)

  12. What a great challenge and you answered the questions with your wonderful view.

    Happy New Year!

  13. Beautiful! It is a gorgeous collection. Happy New Year!

  14. You have so many I like.. i can't tell which ones to comment on.. dress up was fun...the story and facts about Angel wear an eye patch... is bittersweet for you.. but I like it... Lots of strong images... Happy New YEar.

  15. this is WONDERFUL....perfect for me as a "newbie" most of these i have never seen.

    as i viewed each picture, i had a clear and decisive reaction, now, most of those have zipped out of my brain.

    i do remember that you have fabulous legs, a great eye for the beautiful and little hands still in your life. i do believe those were my favorites!!

  16. Beautiful walk through the last year!

  17. You rocked this out Kathy. You said you didn't like photos from earlier....I didn't see any blahs in there. Your inspirational and favorites are really beautiful. Sorry to hear about your friend, but how great to the eyepatch saying-I hear the happiness is in the last tear.
    A sweet image of your Dad. When I am aggravated with mine, I need to be more mindful.
    HNY friend.

  18. Awesome post, Kathy - lots of inspiration here. I'm really sorry about the loss of your friend . . .

  19. I agree - it was harder than I thought too!

    Happy New Year!

  20. Beautiful photos. I especially love your Harvest shots.

  21. So many brought tears to my eyes. The photo of your dads hands. Wow. I love hands and miss my father's so much. Thank you for bringing that memory to me for a moment. An amazing set. You are incredible. Keep your head held high. May God bless you abundantly in this new year.

  22. So many brought tears to my eyes. The photo of your dads hands. Wow. I love hands and miss my father's so much. Thank you for bringing that memory to me for a moment. An amazing set. You are incredible. Keep your head held high. May God bless you abundantly in this new year.

  23. Great, great series of shots. Can't pick a fav, too too many to choose from. Have a happy, happy New Year and looking forward to 2012! and PS you do have skinny legs but I loved your selfie, so you!!

  24. Great pictures... I really like that macro shot. :)

    Marla @ www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

  25. This is quite something - a great journey (especially as a new follower!) I look so forward to seeing what you treat us to in 2012! Happy New Year!

  26. Beautiful work - I really love your two favorite shots! Happy New Year!

  27. Kathy, no words here. Just feeling. Incredible feeling.

    Angie :)

  28. Your hope came true! I made it to the end and I was smiling. Your posts always make me smile.

    Awesome shots...but the one of your daughter and the caption, "whatever........." was so spot on!


  29. Wonderful memories.. I am very sorry to hear about your father. I will keep him in my prayers. Happy New Year.
    p.s love the pic of the dog

  30. You are awesome- I loved every single one! You should not be so hard on yourself with the photography- we are all learning & growing together. I think they are beautiful in every sense of the word & you inspire me every day! Be proud of your photos-

  31. Oh Kathy....i'm stunned! Such an amazing set. I don't know how you did it...but you did! That photo of your fathers hands touched me to my core. And all those American flags? wow...gorgeous.Sorry to hear about your friend but i enjoyed reading the story about the patch. You have a beautiful family. Good luck on your endeavors this year.

  32. I love every.single.one of your photos! They are gorgeous. But the one thing that really caught my eyes was the photo for I MISS YOU.

  33. You did very well with what seems to be a difficult task. My favorites are the entire family photo. One to treasure! Also, I love the Angel with an Eye Patch. I miss Lori's wonderful smile. I must admit I cried looking at your dad's strong hands. I knew immediately whose hands they were and knew before I read the words what it meant to you. I think this passion of yours is so special because your dad loves looking at photos! Happy 2012!

  34. Loved your year in review! Hey, I waited until today. Procrastinator, or what?? Love your light at the end of the tunnel, and your humor is perfect.

  35. Such great selections! Love the holiday stockings, and your beautiful horse shot. Hope you have a great 2012!

  36. No fair. Your photos are awesome. And you are skinny. Double no fair! :)

  37. What a wonderful collection of photos and beautiful reflection! My husband's mother passed from Alzheimers last year...very tough to watch. I love your light at the end of the tunnel!

  38. I love all of them my friend.. They look amazing.. I had to smile when I saw the sentence that said "you always hope there is light on at the end of the tunnel"

    I saw a sign the other day that said "Due to cut backs the light at the end of the tunnel has been temporarily shut off" So I giggled a little when I read that here.. I do indeed hope your light is always on!!

    I am so looking forward to seeing your photos in the New Year!!

  39. I just love your simplicity & light photo with the glass container. How gorgeous is that?! And I love the Phillies fan & spring fever photos (as a HUGE baseball fan myself- yankees, sorry! LOL) - and i just love the tree with the un (#20 i think) - beautiful stuff! :)

  40. Guess I've been slacking, and missed this! I was taking mental notes as I scrolled down the line of my favorites, but now I've just lost track, seriously loving soooo many of these (okay, really ALL) of them. But I really love your first one of yourself, perfect! And had to chuckle at your whateverrrrrrrr, haha and oh your still laughing one too! ...and the flute, and the bridge, and your dads hands.....

    I have always loved your photos, but in the short time I have "virtually" known you ; ) I have seen incredible growth in your photography and your eye!

  41. I think #3 is my husband.
    just kidding