December 5, 2011

In riding a horse...

...we borrow freedom."

--Helen Thomson

"Borrowing Freedom"
Peddler's Village
Lahaska, PA

In Bucks County there is a quaint grouping of shops called "Peddler's Village".  It's touristy, but it also involves a drive thru beautiful Bucks County to get there.  So the Better Half and moi headed there this weekend to take in the beautiful golden sunshine, the rolling landscape and some wineries.  Well, that was the plan.  As it turns out we spent waaaaay too much time in Peddler's Village, most of our time in a marvelous little Italian shop where Dorothy insisted on feeding us sample, after sample, after sample.  She was a smart cookie because we bought sample, after sample, after sample. Which meant...only one winery visit on the way home.

While strolling thru the village this old weather vane immediately caught my eye and before my Better Half knew what hit him,  he was standing there holding my purse and I was clicking away.  One look at this weather vane and he KNEW he'd be abandoned for awhile.  The subject, the shadows, the blue and green aging, the texture.....sigh.

I love horses...always have.  My dad made a promise to me when I was a child that he would get me a horse when I turned 16.  I'm sure it was a throw away gesture to get me out of his hair. Poor guy was the lone guy in a house full of girls, he probably just wanted some peace and quiet.  But I was SURE I was going to get that horse.  I had it all planned was going to live in our one car garage!  No problem!  Did I mention we lived in suburban Philly?  It wasn't prime horse wasn't horse country AT ALL.  It's sort of been a running joke all these years between dad and me. "Yeah, I know you're STILL waiting for that horse Kathy!".   Instead, when I turned 16 I got a puke green Maverick, "The Mav" as it was "affectionately" called.  And it did not even fit in our garage.

"I Soar"
Peddler's Village
Lahaska, PA

When I bestride him, I soar,
I am a hawk; he trots the air;
the Earth sings when he touches it.

--William Shakespeare, Henry V

Old Willy said it best...and THAT is why I love horses.



  1. Horses are one of the most elegant and marvelous creatures that walk the earth. I married into a family of horse folk and my daughter learned to ride with style, but like you, I only dreamt of owning a horse. Your story was funny, yet poignant. Great job on capturing the light bringing the weather vane to life.

  2. Ahhh, another Kathy fix!

    The weather vane, gorgeous, I would love to have that attatched to my house! The shadows are incredible!!

    I took over 700 photos on Saturday at a victorian celebration called Dickens on the Strand in Galveston . . . I couldn't get very far before I needed a paper sack . . . much eye candy. My only regret is that we didn't get there earlier, I'm still on summer daylight time! haha

    So I'm sure you know what Friday's 'theme' will be about...

    We would have way too much fun shooting together, but I'm afraid they would have to send out the search and rescue team! ; )

  3. amazing shadows you captured in these photos!

  4. I'll hold your purse any time as long as you carry that plain black one that does not clash with my outfit

  5. Gorgeous photos! I love the horse and the pretty scrollwork.

    We too had a Maverick (thankfully blue) that was purchased specifically for “the kids”. When I was a little girl I wished EVERY day for a pony! I had a few Christmas’ and other events where I thought FOR SURE I would get one, but always got something else instead and was so devastated. Thankfully, I lived on a farm and one day my wish did come true.

  6. Fabulous photos - the shadows are amazing.

  7. This really is a beautiful weathervane Kathy, and I love the shadows that you captured in your photographs.
    Really wonderful!

    Thank you so much for sharing today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a great evening.


  8. I love horses too! These are wonderful images and an enjoyable read!

  9. I am blessed in having a horse of my own as well as being able to ride many others. The sense of freedom you get from being astride these amazing creatures is like nothing else on earth.

    Beautiful images.

  10. My parents said I would have a horse, too. And we even lived on a farm, with a barn. It never happened, and I've never forgotten it. Now I'm old and know how much it would cost & what a bad idea it might be...but still.

    Wow, what a beautiful weather vane.

  11. that's a beauty!
    I love your composition, it adds to the sense of freedom and flight

  12. We borrow freedom. Interesting thought to ponder. Today being Pearl Harbor day, perhaps even more food for thought.
    I know Peddler's Village well and the beautiful drive around that area. It was about 25 min from where I lived in Newtown. I like hearing about places that I know. Like a sweet memory.
    I can see why you would be enchanted by that horse. I love the shadows you were able to capture. Happy day. Hope you get that horse one day.

  13. Great catch! Yes, it is easy to lose ime in Peddler's Village!