November 7, 2011

I came upon a Summer's Day, in November...

...while strolling along an Autumn leaf laden path that crunched as I tread.  It's a strange feeling to happen upon a swimming hole complete with swinging rope when it is 45 degrees outside.  But out of the blue I stumbled upon some one's summer daydream. Altho, in November it's a quickly fading memory.  In my mind's eye I swear could almost see kids splashing, hear them laughing, and trying to figure out how they were going to get home and slip pass mom all muddy!

"I was trying to daydream, but my mind kept wandering." 
--Steven Wright

"Faded Daydreams"
Philadelphia, PA



  1. I loved the part about slipping past Mom. Wonderful post.

  2. Ahh great find, love when as I wander to come upon such beauty. Lovely!!

  3. Very cool discovery! I love when I walk and 'happen' upon things!

  4. Great capture and find! I, too, could imagine the kids laughing and splashing echoes from summer.

  5. Love the story with this wonderful find.
    We could never slip past mum, she had eyes everywhere.

  6. Such a beautiful scene and lovely post!

  7. Love your image. Looks like a dream.

  8. Water isn't usually so blue around here. It is pretty.

  9. Nice find, Kathy. That rope sets the scene. I can see the kids too!

    Happy MidWeek Blues!

  10. A lovely scene!
    As soon as I saw the rope I could see swimming and splashing.

    Thanks for your visit and hope you have a wonderful week.