October 25, 2011

Blowin' In the Wind...

"Blowin' In the Wind"
Whitemarsh, PA

I'm late to the party today.

I had an amazing photo session with a spectacular tree the other day.  Actually I was there to photograph a Civil War Encampment for my church, but the tree wound up being more exciting (sad to say).  I had planned on waiting awhile to post any photos from my tree adventure via Civil War non-lollapalooza. BUT...I've had a couple of days that I wish I could wish away that changed my outlook.  

I just got home from my "Parental Unit" visit.  Yep, a quick visit turned into an over nighter.  Not to get too detailed but I just want to say...getting old stinks!  And my dad is feeling the brunt of it right now.  I  took no photos of the glorious Lancaster County autumnal sights.  Nothing was interesting or inspiring.  Apparently my mood converted all the brilliant fall colors to dull grey.

But upon returning home I glanced thru my weekend tree photos and this one just called out to me.  A pretty strong wind was gusting this day, making these pods hold on for dear life.  Yet they all survived anchored to their branch.  The sky was brilliant and blue, belying the fact that a storm was brewing.  A bunch of pods hanging strong together, bending with the winds so they don't break...yep, I can relate to that.

So I just want to say to my mom and sisters...hang in there my pods.  And to our branch, our anchor, our dad...we love you, stay strong!



  1. Hang in there Kathy and the photo is beautiful. That should brighten your day.

  2. This is SO cool..the contrasts are so bright and cheery.

  3. Oh, your post sounds a little concerning...and yes, getting old really sucks sometimes. A virtual hug for you, sweetie. Stay strong!!

  4. Know what you mean by the getting old stinks!! Going thru the aging with my mom and it is getting more difficult all the time. Love the little pods hanging on for dear life. Just like you need to hang in there too..

  5. Beautiful texture and color and I love how it is a metaphor for your family. Thank you for sharing. By the way, your photo was showcased on my Tones on Tuesday link up. Be sure to grab your button :o).

  6. Oh that is such a pretty picture. Simple and with a message, hang tight (Hawaiian national saying too).

    Our neighbor has a Sycamore tree that drops seed pods like yours. I once saved some to make Christmas tree ornaments out of. They also can be tied together to make dogs and other animals,

    Hang tight with your family. You have a good start I can tell.

  7. My father is 89 and it is getting increasingly hard to watch him deteriorate. We're all hanging in there.

    Love your photo.

  8. I can relate to feeling like gumby - some days the bending in the wind is a little harder than others.

    The photo is beautiful as the metaphor behind it - hang in there, breathe. Hugs to you - Kim

  9. Love this photo and its symbolism to you!

  10. Love that you found strength in those pods, nature can have a remarkable way of soothing what ails us, even if just temporary. Hugs.

  11. it sure ain't easy at any age and then add getting older or health problems and uh
    I know what you mean about losing inspiration, when my health issues flare up I sometimes can't even see thru the viewfinder, I feel like I'm beauty blind
    but we have to push on :)
    and look at the treasure you created!
    I love this shot

  12. I don't even consider myself that old (almost 50. Yikes) And I think getting old in is definitely no fun. But it is way better than the alternative.. Big hugs your way my friend..


  13. Very Beautiful Kathy! I love the little pods.

    Oh can't wait to see your pumpkins! Aren't they wonderful? Let me know if you post them!

    Hope your Dad is doing better!

  14. I really love this angle! Nice colors of the background!

  15. I'm sorry your family is going through some things. Hopefully your photography helps you to escape for awhile. :)

  16. You are making me cry. Sorry, but I do understand.

    Much, much love to you.

    And keep those pictures coming. What camera and lens are you using?

  17. I'm right there with you with aging parents, it can be a bummer when one of them needs help and there's not enough hours in the day! Nice blue background there!

  18. Hang in there. I feel your pain. Aging parents are ten times harder than little ones! Your simplisitic photo is a breath of fresh air. Take it, and breathe deep. Better days are sure to follow

  19. love this photo!!! super excited about the shoot. edit. submit. contest! good luck!