September 19, 2011

Out of the "little boy" Blue...

Trucks, scooters, dirt
and shades of blue,
But little boys can be angels too 

"Little Boy Blue"
Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia

All consuming panic, disorder and chaos.  There were many tiring and frustrating days (maybe even months!) I spent wishing time would move by quicker when Thing #1 was a young boy.  In retrospect, I unfortunately got my wish and learned....never wish away time, no matter how difficult some of those times might be.  Thing #1 has morphed into  a 26 year old man I am so very proud of.  But before they can be men, they must be boys.  And the job description calls for fatiguing their moms.  So I couldn't help but laugh "all-knowingly" when I saw this little boy blue scooting by in Rittenhouse Square....with his mom trailing waaaaay behind in pursuit, eating his dust.  I miss those days AND my nicely toned legs that went along with all that chasing I had to do!



  1. I remember those days, and you are sooo right, don't wish your days away, you cannot get them back. Really sweet post!!

  2. Yes so true my friend!! Mine are just 14 and 16, girl and boy, and I miss the days of being able to tuck them safely under my arms for safe keeping.

  3. I remember those days too. My babies are now 31 and 29, it seems like they grew up so quickly.
    Never wish your time away, make every day count, I guess you learn that lesson as you get older.

  4. Big boys can be just as time consuming as little boys:) But your pic is great:)

  5. Cute post...I am so glad I had a boy blue too. He really makes life fun.