September 20, 2011

Don't Fence Me In...

Let me ride through the wide open 
country that I love,
Don't fence me in.

-- Cole Porter

"Don't Fence Me In"
Berks County, PA

I would cycle past this farm on my daily biking routine pre-move to Philly.  I have yet to find a biking route at my new home that even comes close to the rolling hills and farmland of Berks County that provided both great workouts and scenery. Too much traffic and killer pot holes to dodge here.  So I've switched to spinning classes, much safer and no helmet hair when I'm done!

I was aiming to transform this photo to resemble an old and cracked canvas painting. I used two layers of Kracker Jack. One at 40% soft light, and the other at 75% multiply. Then I added one layer of Autumn Burst at 30% hue to take out some of the vibrant color and to tone it down to give it an older subdued look.

I must have done okay with my textures on this 'cause
Thing #3 peeked over my shoulder and said "not bad".
It just doesn't get much better from a 13 year old!



  1. Very nice! I just love wooden fences. You captured a nice angle too!

  2. Great angle of the fence and the edit is a wowser!! Sorry you couldn't find a nice route to cycle, the exercise is great, but I imagine the scenary just doesn't quite come up to views of the countryside.

  3. What a beautiful capture. I'm going to try that on a fence that I've been photographing. No matter where we go, it won't be like "back home." Great job on the texturing. The comment from your 13 year-old 'thing #2' is indeed high praise.

  4. beautiful image. Love your perspective and texture work is wonderful.

  5. Spinning versus biking:
    Unless you have a two-foot treadle, one calf will get bigger than the other :-)
    Know what you mean about potholes and traffic.
    Nice lines of the fence leading the eye in your landscape.

  6. Well deserved high praise from your 13yr old. I love the composition and the effect of the texture on the image.

  7. The wooden fence looks marvelous and I love the angle.

  8. Thing # 3 knows!! What is it about fences that keeps pulling us in? I have a friend who sings with a country-swing band (a little country, a little jazz)and the band does a great rendition of "don't fence me in".
    Glad you've found a new cycling habit, without helmet, but do find a new outdoor place too. Maybe a little trip up to Bucks-great paths along the Delward near Washington Crossing-taking you to New Hope...lunch, turn around and come home. (Just watch the wine).

  9. I think of fences as inviting you over to see what is inside, or asking you to follow them to see where they lead, either way, yours is lovely and I love the addition of the texture.

  10. Your so right about that last comment from a 13 year old - I have one about that age and I fall on the floor when I gets unsolicited comments! haha

    Love what you did with the texture!

  11. The colors and the texture are beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Great perspective! Thanks for linking up.

  13. I'm so glad you commented on my photo so I could find your blog. Love it! The fence is nice too.