July 13, 2011

KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid!)

Bryn Athyn Cathedral, Bryn Athyn, PA

I am a "born-again Philly-delphian".  As with most "born-agains", we are bit more fanatical than those who are life-long members of whatever group to which we belong.  After a 30 year absence from my native Philly, my husband finally saw the light (or perhaps drank the Yuengling) and moved our family back home for me.  Granted, we only lived about 1 1/2 hours west of Philly in Amish country...but I swear on an Apple Dumpling, Fastnacht and all that is holy and fattening...it was a different world there!  Since I have been back home, I have been spending much of my time re-discovering the Philly landscape.  Some is quite familiar...some is quite un-familiar...all is interesting.

One of my recent jaunts was to the Bryn Athyn Cathedral in Bryn Athyn, PA.  I remembered this place from my teen aged years.  We use to hop in a car and go drinking there!  Somehow, the combination of darkness, beer, and teen-aged indifference blinded me to how truly beautiful this place is!  I spent about 3 hours there last week roaming the grounds exploring every nook and cranny with my camera.  I will post more snippets in the weeks to come, but I did want to post one of my favorites now (because I have little patience and I REALLY like this one!).

The older I get, the more I find how much beauty there is in simplicity.  Ah-hem....my shoe closet EXCLUDED of course!  I'm doing my best to adopt the "less is more" mantra, that simplicity should be the goal and unnecessary complexity should be avoided.  This goes for design concepts AND life concepts for me.  Please do not listen to that man behind the curtain, it is only my husband who is protesting that this is NOT the wife he lives with...but I swear I'm REALLY trying!  When I went thru my downloads of photos taken this day, I honestly gasped when I saw this one.  I get lost in it's simplicity.   Leonardo da Vinci stated that "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication".  Maybe it was Leonardo who is responsible for the little black dress....hmmmmm????  That might just be the next "Snapple Fact" you find on that cap!

When you get right down to it, life is a simple thing.  Why do we insist on making it more complicated than it truly is?  And that goes for photography too.  So my advice to everyone is...KISS!


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  1. you've finally admitted to teenage drinking... i knew it you rebel! haha.... this picture is beautiful though, i love it :o) i thought it was the side of a european building at first glance... gorgeous!