January 19, 2017

Master of the details, but oblivious to the obvious...

That's what happens when you leave it up to me to take photos of my daughter-in-law's baby shower. Always an eye for details, often at the detriment of the big picture.  And by BIG picture, that is in NO WAY commentary on my soon-to-pop Thing #1.2's cute belly.  What it IS a statement of is the fact that I never got a photo of the Mama herself.  Alone.  Hello...guest of honor?!?

Got her with HER beautiful mother.  Got her with friends.  Got her with family.  But didn't get her with just her cute bump!  Sigh.  Hard to believe Grand#2 will be here shortly.  Just seems like yesterday that they shared their good news with us and I had TWO Grands baking in the oven.  Flash forward a few months and Grand#1 was in attendance at her little cousin's baby shower.  Love how my family is growing like that!

"Then and Now"
Thing #2 and #1.2

And so we all gathered Thanksgiving weekend to celebrate, and fall in love, with Grand#2.

"Falling in Love with Baby Blackburn"

Loved the decor.  Simple and cute.  Vintage baby shoes with sweet babies breath.

"Babies Breath"

Thing #1.2's baptism outfit, and a collection of cute baby girl dresses on display.

"Momma-to-be's Baptism Gown"

"Pretty in Pink"

And lots of candles, photos, beautiful lighting, and baby memorabilia from both Things #1 and #1.2

Tables set in tones of gold, pink and cream.

Just add cake...

"Oh Baby"

...and an abundance of family and friends (including a surprise appearance by a very special BFF all the way from Kansas).


And of course presents.  Lots and lots of presents.

"Because every little girl needs cowboy boots"

"Mom Mom's Quilt"

All the beautiful little details added up to a gorgeous celebration of love for the Mama-to-be and her bump.  But, still kicking myself for being oblivious to the obvious.  Oh well...even more reason to look forward to Grand#3 whenever he/she decides to be a reality.

P.S.  Whew!  Mission accomplished....got the post delivered BEFORE Grand #2!

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  1. How special! I love the decor and the joy you captured!

  2. Your growing family is just adorable. That shower looked amazing with all the little details. I know you'll keep us posted on the new arrival!

  3. But these photos are priceless, you made it extra special by capturing the details.

  4. Love all the details, and mom-to-be is so cute (and yep, tiny little bump).

  5. I love all the attention to details. Love the story that unveiled through your gorgeous pictures. So many blessings! www.michellebfizzard.com

  6. Absolutely stunning photographs of what sounds like a lovely day. Shame you didn't get any of the mum-to-be on her own though x #WeekendBlogHop

  7. I think the baby's breath in little shoes sums up the whole day.

  8. It looks like the little one is well stocked! I can relate to the missing photos. I do that, too.

  9. Aren't grand babies the best? The shower d├ęcor is beautiful and so is your cute family! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  10. Beautiful party and lovely decor! I know you are thrilled to welcome grandbaby #2 into the world!

  11. Gorgeous setting and well captured. You have a very beautiful family!