November 29, 2016

"Thanksgiving, centerpieces, and spray paint...

Grand children are toys for their grand parents.  And sometimes...centerpieces.

"Thanksgiving Centerpiece"

Thanksgiving this year revolved around the littlest family member, Grand#1.  I could barely get my hands on her, she was a hot commodity.  And our cutest Thanksgiving turkey so far.   When I wasn't able to hijack Grand#1 and keep her all to myself, I did what any empty handed Omi would do...I cooked, cleaned, and decorated the table for Thanksgiving.

Gotta tell ya.  It was my cheapest tablescape ever!  The centerpiece was free (big thumbs down to Thing#2 who wouldn't let me spray paint Grand#1's seat to coordinate with the tablescape!).

Nonetheless, I DID go on a spray paint frenzy.  First, I dug out the white spray paint and went to town on a bunch of clear vintage-inspired bottles left over from Thing#2's baby shower.  Of course, I waited for the WINDIEST day in November to tackle this project.  I now have white spray painted jeans...I just can't wear them now because it's after Labor Day.  

And THEN I did the most un-neighborly thing possible.  I sent the Better Half out with a pair of scissors, and the guise of cut a few dying hydrangeas from a neighbors bushes.  Yeah, I know.  But honestly, I've always had a thing for "Bad Boys".  And I think the Better Half felt accomplished returning from his "search and rescue" mission with an arm full of hydrangeas.  Okay, MAYBE "bad boy" isn't the right term here, haha.  But in my defense (which I know there really ISN'T any) the bushes lined the street, AND they never even see them from their house. AND...they are moving.  But not because of Moi, I think?

Then I whipped out my gold spray paint and went to town.  Seriously, spray painting can be an addiction! Learning from my windy day challenge, I retreated to the garage this time.  The Better Half hasn't noticed the faint sheen of gold on the outdoor fridge yet.

Having two of my kids married, we now alternate Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This year I was blessed to have the entire clan here for Thanksgiving.  It was a full house.  Which means I was VERY happy.  And Grand#1?  Well, being the perfect grandchild that she is...she fell asleep just in time to allow her parents to enjoy their Thanksgiving meal.

Too much turkey will do that even to the best of us!

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  1. Beautiful table!!! And some great ideas to steal! Also, what is it about baby eye-lashes??!! {she just keeps getting cuter and cuter!}

  2. Just gorgeous!! HA HA my first thought was you should have spray painted her seat!

  3. Beautiful table but your grand daughter 'steals the show' ~ great photos! ~ thanks.

    Wishing you a Happy and Fun Week ~ ^_^

  4. That first centerpiece is absolutely adorable!!!
    Thanks for linking up at

  5. LOVE this post! Such a sweet grand baby! Those cheeks are so adorable! We are having grand baby number six in May! I love being a Nana! I also LOVE your Thanksgiving tablescape. It's perfect. Just too bad about those jeans! Lol!

  6. Your table is gorgeous!! The grand center piece is the best part!

  7. Grand#1 just makes me smile to beat the band.
    What a lovely Thanksgiving table you had.....and of course Grand#1 made it extra special.
    Didn't know you were so dang crafty :-D
    diane @ thoughts&shots

  8. I thought those bottles looked familiar! Love the tablescape and the hijacked flowers are the best! You can wear white jeans after Labor Day, I always get inspo here

  9. Hi Kath, what a lovely Thanksgiving table! I do agree it would have looked so much better had Grand#1 been sprayed to match the colour theme (some people are just so unreasonable!). And what a doll Grand #1 is, I know I would have spent all my chubbing her chubby cheeks (and probably blowing a few raspberries on them too).

    I didn't know you could spray paint flowers, and I'm sure your neighbours would never recognise those hydrangeas coloured gold!

    Popping over from Through My Lens.


  10. Oh, you little thief in the night! lol! I'm sure they won't even miss them. Love the white bottles and that grand centerpiece is, well; just grand!! :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.