July 22, 2016

Who loves you, pretty baby?...

...who loves you, pretty mama?  (and handsome daddy?)
-The Four Seasons

WE DO!  So we had a little party/baby shower to celebrate the impending arrival of Grand #1. 

"Mommy and Daddy to-be"
(Thing #2 and the hubs)

"Photo Bomb...Grandpop Style"

I do love planning for, and throwing a party.  Especially when it's on the smaller, more intimate side.   Which was perfect for my Thing #2 and her hubs. She doesn't like big shindigs.  Which ironically is perfect for the Better Half, because he doesn't like big dents in his wallet.

So I opted for an "elegant" barbecue theme.  Because it was a co-ed affair, I gave the guys bbq (to offset all the pink!).  And I gave the girls pink (to offset all the bbq!)

I emptied our sunroom of all furnishings, and brought in rustic tables and mismatched white chairs. The Better Half began to sweat BOTH from the physical labor AND from the realization that he now sees this set up for our future Thanksgiving Dinners...it worked THAT well.

Mismatched chairs, mismatched dishtowels for napkins, mismatched silverware, and two different plate patterns. Mismatched glass bottle vases. Mismatches that somehow matched.

Because my sunroom has high ceilings, I was able to hang matching "ribbon thingies" from the ceiling for suspended centerpieces.  If you want to see how to make "ribbon thingies", check it out HERE.

The final touch was lots, and lots, and lots of pink  and cream flowers.  Peonies and hydrangeas. Thank you Trader Joe's.  And thank you alarm clock.  I got up early and JUST beat the lady who followed me into Trader Joe's and was ticked I grabbed all the pink peonies.  Sorry, not sorry.  Tip: don't hit the snooze button.

A few other touches... 

...and cake (thank you to Nutmeg Bakery who took my ideas from my brain, and baked them.)

Of course there was food (lots of food), laughs (lots of laughs), love (lots of love), and presents (lots of presents).  One of my favorites was the one given to Thing #2 by her Pop Pop.  We lost her Nana earlier this year.  We hope she was able to understand she was to finally become a Great Grandmother before she passed.  If she didn't understand that while on earth, I'm sure she is fully aware of it now while she is looking down upon her Grand Daughter.  In the course of cleaning out her closets, this box was found.  And Pop Pop brought it with him.

This is the same man who told me, when I was nine months pregnant with my first child and lamented that I couldn't WAIT til my life got back to normal..."your life will NEVER be 'normal' again".  How right he was...  

"Waiting for the 'new normal' "

...but the NEW 'normal' was even better!  And that is what we celebrate.  The arrival of a new generation.  The arrival of a new normal.  

Who loves you, pretty baby? We do!

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  1. What a gorgeous, magazine worthy baby shower! Just perfect..you've got a talent!! I thought the same thing about future Thanksgivings in your sunroom!! I LOVE those tables and the mismatched chairs. Where do you keep them? I got a little teary with Pop Pop's gift.

    1. Hi Heather...as much as I WISH those table/chairs were mine, I rented them from Maggpie Vintage in Philly. It's the same place we rented furniture for Thing #2's wedding at Cairnwood.

  2. Oh Kathy! What a beautifully sweet shower you pulled off! Everything is absolutely adorable!

  3. The hanky! They are an Irish custom and I always buy one when I come across them!!
    I agree with Heather, this is magazine worthy!!!

  4. Absolutely beautiful!

  5. What a GORGEOUS party you threw!! She looks amazing!

  6. LOVE it...and pretty sure I need some ribbon thingies up in here!

  7. Wow, what a gorgeous setup! I have to know where you got two matching rustic tables? And as soon as I finish typing I am off to find out how to make ribbon thingies. And oh NOW I want to throw a party.....
    :) gwingal

  8. Gorgeous. I like that red and pink floral dish. And cute cake.

  9. Oh Kath....all that mismatch and those chairs...and that sun room...and all those hanging thingys....You sure know how to throw a party!

  10. Everything looks so perfect. I especially love the UTAH napkins! Thank you for sharing at SYC! xx Jo

  11. Gorgeous! Loved looking through these pictures - the colours, the mismatch, the ribbons - it's all perfect.

  12. Drooling over the decoration and I want those ribbon thingies!!!! #photofriday

  13. This is one of the best baby shower decorations I have seen. Every details is perfect. Congratulations on Grand #1.

  14. You really did create a beautiful setting.


  15. Love the ribbons, love the peonies, love the mismatched chairs and the sunroom. You are in for one gorgeous grandbaby cause these kids are stunning.

  16. OH what a lovely lovely party! Congratulations to the couple! I love it all! Thanks for sharing with Thursday Favorite Things! Angelina @ Peonies & Orange Blossoms

  17. What a cute mama! Congrats to all of you. Being a grandma is the best! The shower is elegantly gorgeous. Oh, those flowers!! Thanks for sharing with SYC. I will be featuring you tomorrow.

  18. What a lovely lovely shower! You pictures are fabulous as well. You have a special touch! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Link Party! You created a wonderful day!

  19. What a beautiful shower and photos!

    You will be over the moon when that first grandchild arrives. This brought back memories ( my little first one just turned seven two days ago and it seems like yesterday that he arrived to completely enthrall me :) My middle son says that he is the most documented baby on Facebook ever, lol! :)

  20. Truly gorgeous. You did a fantastic job decorating and putting your daughter's baby shower together. Congratulations to the family. Your daughter is beautiful.


  21. beautiful! so many, many wonderful details. i love the ribbon thingies. congratulations & best of luck to your growing family. xo- maryjo

  22. An absolutely beautiful setting - looks so lovely.