April 11, 2016

365-day project (week #15)...

The week that was (April 4, 2016 - April 10, 2016):

"There is No Cup of Coffee Large Enough for Mondays"

"I Think He Looks Guilty...I Just Have to Find Out What For"

"My Favorite Season of the Year has Sprung...Baseball Season"

"He Loves When I Make Him Go Clothes Shopping"

"Love Getting Away for the Weekend...But Hate Packing for It"

"Parent's Weekend...so let me tell ya about the LAST time I was in a Penn State Frat!"
(disclaimer:  yes...it is snowing in April)

"That Feeling You Get When You Uncover a Letter Written by your Dad (postmark 2005)"

Cracked the 100 day mark with this project, whoop whoop!  #booyah

**All 365-day project photos are via my Samsung Galaxy phone camera.  For more, you can find me on Instagram @KathyMcB.

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  1. That letter discover - take my breath away!!!! Priceless!

  2. How awesome to find that letter!!
    Busy, busy week for you!

  3. Fun photos, and I agree on #95 and #99. and I did not realize you took all your photos with a Samsung Gallaxy phone! I have the same. My husband just upgraded to the 7 and I'm jealous!

    1. I use my Samsung for my 365 project. The vast majority of my other photos on my blog are via my Canon.

  4. #96... lol, my little girl often look guilty. She gets the what have you done, and then it was nothing. I guess she has a guilty resting face :-D
    #98...haahaa I have seen that look before.
    #101.... Oh, that is such a treasure.

    Totally agree about the coffee mug... today was my first day back to drinking tea Monday through Friday... oh coffee, how I miss you.

    Hope you have a happy week.

    Lisa @ LTTL

  5. Congrats on your 100 day mark! I thoroughly enjoyed all your photos. Your hubby's expression is soooo great! Love the pupper shot....and why do you assume she is guilty of anything?!?!? Surely not. #LTTL

  6. That is a great mug. I'm very impressed you've made it to day 100. Love your sweet puppy. Surely there's no guilt there.

  7. Great post! Little vignettes of your life!

  8. Beautiful as always! What an awesome mug! The pup is adorable!