March 21, 2016

Song-ography, the "Soak Up the Sun" edition...

"I'm gonna soak up the sun
I'm gonna tell everyone
To lighten up...

"Soak Up the Sun"

...I'm gonna tell em' that
I've got no one to blame
For every time I feel lame

I'm looking up
I'm gonna soak up the sun."

-Soak Up the Sun (Sheryl Crow)

Once springtime hits, and I get that extra hour of sunlight each day...I'm definitely not feeling so lame.  Things are looking up!  Hello Spring.


Hello, and welcome back to another Tuesday and another edition of Song-ography where we mash up song and photography.

Song/Lyric + Photo(s) = Song-ography

I've been noticing more and more "non Song-ography" specific posts being linked up here on Tuesdays.  I urge everyone to please abide by the purpose of this link-up.  It's only fair to all the bloggers/photographers who do.  Thank you!  I look forward to stopping by all your blogs in the coming days to see what songs you've been photographing to, it's always a treat!

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  1. Love that image! I'm also a big fan of daylight savings time.

  2. I usually don't like the extra hour, this year I am embracing it!

  3. I wish that there was more to soak up right about now

  4. I soak up that extra hour of sun! There are days in the deep darkness of winter I long for the sun of spring. Beautiful image.

  5. Love the longer evenings - not so crazy about the dark mornings, but it will balance itself out again.