March 28, 2016

Song-ography, the 'By the Sea' edition...

"I can see us waking, the breakers breaking
The seagulls squawking, hoo hoo
I do me baking, then I go walking
With you-hoo, woo-hoo...

"By the Sea"
Ocean City Boardwalk
Ocean City, New Jersey

...By the sea, anything you say
Don't you love the weather?
By the sea, we'll grow old together
By the seaside, hoo hoo
By the beautiful sea."

-By the Sea (Sweeney Todd)

Ventured down to the Jersey shore over Easter weekend.  More specifically, the Ocean City boardwalk.  FYI, that's by the sea.  The beautiful sea.  Woo-hoo.


Hello!  And welcome to another week of Song-ography where the rules are pretty simple:

Photo(s) + Song/Lyrics = Song-ography

Before you link up for this week, let me remind you that NEXT week is the first of the month which means....I give ya a prompt.  Remember, the prompt isn't mandatory.  It's just a suggestion should you like a challenge.  Hitting the Jersey Shore last weekend reminded me of my teenage musical roots. Hence, next week's prompt.  You just don't get more Jersey than this (unless we are talkin' Springsteen):

"It's My Life"
Bon Jovi

I apologize for being a bad hostess last week, and not getting around to visit everyone blogs.  It was one of those weeks that seem to be disappearing in frequency.  I had all of my Things at home at the same time.  I did very little blogging overall, and could ALMOST be considered AWOL where my computer is concerned.  I will do a better job of being the hostess with the most-est this week.  Thank you to all who stop by, comment, follow my blog, and link up.  All are appreciated!

(Join me on Tuesdays for Song-ography.  Click on photo for full link-up description)


  1. A lovely looking beach side spot. Great photo & I like the sign that says Making Waves, very suitable. My post for today is bicycle related too.

  2. A great song and loving that view

  3. What a perfect capture!!

    Lisa @ LTTL

  4. A familiar spot for sure!! I rented one of those pink bikes one year!

  5. Wish I had a bicycle like that (so girly girl).

  6. The sea is my favorite place, my place where I breath in peace. No worries about real life being busy, that's your most important priority. We just appreciate this fun link up!

  7. Lucky you, I love Ocean City and the broadwalk is so cool, we have nothing like that here in the UK


  8. I love that image! It looks perfect.