February 1, 2016

Song-ography, the "Valley Winter Song" edition...

"...Remember New York
Staring outside
As reckless winter made it's way
From Staten Island to the Upper West Side
Whiting out our streets along the way."

"White Out"
Ambler, Pennsylvania

And the snow is coming down
On our New England town
And it's been falling all day long..."

-Valley Winter Song (Fountains of Wayne)

Pennsylvania, not New York.  Mid Atlantic, not New England.  Doesn't really matter.  Staring outside I'm pretty sure a white out looks the same where ever you are.  It's blurry.  It's white.


Welcome Tuesday.  Welcome February. Welcome another edition of Song-ography.   Since it is the first of the month, we have an optional prompt this week.  "Valley Winter Song" by Fountains of Wayne.  Whether you chose to challenge yourself with a prompt, or sing your own song the "rules" are the same:

Song/Lyrics + Photograph(s) = Song-ography

I look forward to stopping by and seeing what songs everyone is photographing to this week.  Thank you for stopping by, commenting, following my blog, and joining in!

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  1. my view of winter has changed a bit

  2. Am here for our world - love blurry snowy images - so mysterious!

  3. I like the element of mystery in the pic.

  4. That's probably more lovely in this beautiful photo than it is to live in!

  5. It's such a pretty view. I wish we had it again this year!

  6. Rumor has it another one is coming - I hope not. Great whiteout shot.

  7. Dang!! I forgot it was prompt week! Maybe I'll use this next week - sigh... right you are, though. a white out is a white out - no matter where you are. I love the way you can see some of those brown leaves that seem to hang on through everything on some of the bushes in the middle. Such a cool shot!

  8. Beautiful, snowy image! I forgot about this week's prompt song, too.

  9. love this shot, it is very ethereal

  10. Absolutely love the softness of your photo. It is incredible.