November 30, 2015

"Song-ography, the 'Trains and Winter Rains' edition...

"Cargo trains rolling by,
Once again someone cries...

"One More Night, One More Train"
New Hope, Pennsylvania

...Every time it's the same
One more night, one more train.
Everywhere empty roads
Where they go, no one knows."

-Trains and Winter Rains (Enya)


Goodbye November, seems I hardly got to know ya before you flew out the door.  So rude! December is here to take your place.  Hope I put the month to better use than I did it's predecessor. I've been hauling boxes of Christmas decor up out of the basement.  And let me tell ya, they got as far as my family room.  Still unpacked.  Lots of be-decking to do.  I think I had a motivational block until November left the building.  Now I got no more excuses.  Hello December.

December 1st and a Tuesday.  Can only mean one thing...Song-ography.  And since it's the first Tuesday of the month, this week we have a "prompt suggestion",  should you decide to accept it. Enya's "Trains and Winter Rains".  Looking forward to seeing who was up for the challenge, and who sang their own tune this week.  Either way, I'll be visiting to see whatcha been up to!

Just a reminder, Song-ography is not a "free for all" kinda link up.  So I appreciate those who play by the rules.  Which are kinda simple:

Song/Lyric + Photo(s) = Song-ography

Thanks to all who stop by, leave a comment, link up.  All are appreciated.  I urge everyone to take a few moments to visit some of your fellow Song-ographers and see how they mashed up photography and song this week.  Warning:  be ready to be inspired.

(Join me on Tuesdays for Song-ography. Click on photo for full description)


  1. I agree I have no idea where November went!

  2. We went on a holiday train ride with our granddaughters on Saturday. I so could have used those photos for the link up!

  3. This is beautiful. I feel like time needs to slow down, where did November go!

  4. Looks a bit like the Polar Express. - Margy

  5. I still have a steam engine on my bucket list to photograph. Nice job.

  6. OH MY GOODNESS!!! That is a fabulous image!

  7. This is great shot and perfect for the prompt. I can't believe it is December already, this year has really flown by


  8. Love this shot - fantastic contrast of textures #LTTL

  9. That is one stunning photo capture! Processing it in black and white is perfect. I can almost hear the steam engine sounds! #LTTL

  10. Love the photo for sure..and the lyrics just suits it fine..

  11. I love this shot.. the black and white is stunning. It would make a great piece on someones wall.