November 9, 2015

"Song-ography, the 'October Roses' edition...

So I got side-tracked by a rose garden when visiting Chicago last month.  Believe me, I've been know to get side-tracked by things that most would think are waaaaaaay less interesting than this!  I was heading back to my Bestie's house after spending the day in Chicago watching Thing #2 run her marathon.  The Better Half and I decided not to bug the Bestie to come pick us up from the train station in Evanston...instead we walked.

"Spring roses are lovely, they make my heart sing
And in summer the roses sweet memories bring
But I most need the roses when the bitter winds call
October roses are the fairest of all...

"October Roses"
Evanston, Illinois

...As a maid you were lovely, your cheeks bloomed so red
And you gave your heart freely, too freely you said
As a woman full grown you knew passion and strife
And a gentle heart torn with the thorns of your life...

It was about 6:00 p.m.  The golden hour was upon us as we walked the neighborhood blocks. We turned a corner and there it was.  The most beautiful public rose garden.  Tucked in the midst of an every day normal kind of neighborhood.  Illuminated in gorgeous Autumn early evening light. October light. October roses.

...Now you're growing older, sometimes you feel done
But your strong roots still guide you, you'll still find the sun
For you blossom with wisdom and courage and care
You're the finest of roses that bloom anywhere...

Because she is my BFF, she was nice enough to come looking for us to give us a ride back to her house.  Because she is my BFF, she totally understood I was a "bit" preoccupied with my camera in a rose garden when she found us.  Because she is my BFF...she turned around and drove home without us.

"Fairest of All"
Evanston, Illinois

...Spring roses are lovely, they make my heart sing
And in summer the roses sweet memories bring
But I most need the roses when the bitter winds call
October roses are the fairest of all."

-October Roses (folksong)

In the spirit of November being a month known for gratitude, I thank God for Besties, Better Halfs, and my keen talent for getting side-tracked. Especially in October when roses are involved.


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  1. That is one awesome BFF...and that is quite a find in the city.

  2. Can never take enough photos of roses, any time!!!

  3. Your photos are like poetry! I love roses and to see them blooming so beautifully in October like this would have made my heart sing!

  4. Chicago & Roses - two things I never brought together in the past.
    So: Surprise, surprise - a lovely autumnal rose garden in the middle of an urban jungle!
    Regards from good old Germany, Uwe.

  5. So pretty! These are so vibrant and gorgeous, wouldn't have known they were fall roses!

  6. I love stumbling across places like this especially in a city, there is something extra special about a little bit of tranquility in the heart of a city.

    Oh and I forgot to reply to your comment a couple of weeks ago but the surfer dude you asked about was actually on a beach in the UK.


  7. These are absolutely gorgeous! I have a few roses hanging on in November!

  8. These are such beautiful roses. What a wonderful place to stumble across!

  9. I have missed you and your photos!! These are exquisite. The lone white rose is gorgeous. I am finally back to blogging and am slowly getting around to try to catch up. Good to be here again!

  10. WOW! I'd totally get sidetracked too! These shots are stunning. Yay for Thing II and her marathon I hope she did well.