September 10, 2015

"The last child...

"Your first child opens your eyes to the wonder of each new age,
your last reminds you of its transience."

-author unknown...yet obviously an empty nester
(with apologies to my middle child and all the stereotypes that accompany that birth order position...OVERLOOKED yet again!)

"And Then...She was a College Coed"
Penn State University
University Park, Pennsylvania

They also say you are only as happy as your unhappiest child.  So kudos to Thing #3 for fully embracing her new independence and responsibilities. Because as sad as I was to see her morph from baby girl to college coed, I gotta admit it appears to be a perfect fit.  As a result, she's given me no choice but to take a deep breath, let it go, and be happy too.  Even tho she didn't manage to get the official "Nittany Lion" as her room mate (yes, that is a disguise to protect the innocent), she otherwise is fully embracing the whole Penn State experience.  Participation in sorority rush, subsequent change of mind and withdrawal from sorority rush, dorm floor friends (gulp...we are living in a coed college dorm world),  Penn State football games, Penn State THON organizations, being asked to her first fraternity social, complaining about all the walking, late nights, and oh yeah....those pesky classes and studying.

This ain't my first rodeo when it comes to this particular stage with my Things.  But it is definetly my last. And I was I dragged kicking and screaming to the party.  It might have been a new beginning for Thing #3, but it was a certain ending for Moi.  A put a fork in it, it's done finality.  But I gotta admit, it's REALLY hard to be sad for myself when I see how happy my Thing is.  College is just what the doctor ordered for her.  If only he could have ordered me a Xanax.

"This Ain't Your Mom's Dorm"

So what's a mom to do?  I mean...what should a mom do when she isn't worrying, even tho there doesn't appear to be any logical reason to worry? Transience isn't exclusive to the Things, because I now appear to have a whole new stage of life ahead of me too thanks to my last child.  

Thing #3 might be decorating her dorm room, but her mom is focusing  on her own digs.  "Simplify and Lighten" is my new mantra.  That goes for everything from color schemes to all that accumulated crap stuff around the homestead.  I keep sending photos of "works in progress" to my college coed, and I keep getting the same response,  "STOP CHANGING THINGS MOM!".  I admit, that makes me laugh.  Karma for not listening and going ahead and growing up on me! 

And just like Thing #3, I also registered for classes at a local college.  Italian.  It's been on my bucket list for years.  I've finally reached a stage in my life where I ran out of excuses NOT to do it.  Transience has it's benefits.  Time's a tickin', mama mia!  I better get myself back to Italy soon as I'm done paying off college tuition and redecorating.  

Unfortunately, sometimes practicalities get in the way of fully embracing new life stages.  This ain't my first rodeo when it comes to this truth either. Luckily, being happy isn't limited by practicalities. It's what you make of any given situation...even those due to transience.  So thank you to Thing #3 for ignoring my reluctance to let go, and for proving me wrong by being happy (kinda like when I made her try avocado for the first time!).  It's the gift that keeps on giving, whether you initially wanted it or not.

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  1. Blessed with only one child had only one rodeo. And it was 400 miles away. And 24 years ago. I still see him walking up those dorm steps and not looking back. Now we spend weekends watching his 'things' play soccer, swim and what ever else they want us to see. Wishing you joy in the Empty Nest beginnings....

    1. Dontcha love how easy it is for them to grow up? haha. I attribute it to having excellent moms :)

  2. well, I happen to be a fan of the empty nest and {especailly} all it's taught me. I didn't know how ready I was to focus on me....but it's sure been life altering! I am so so glad to hear about how HAPPY she is!! That's just the best!

  3. I love the idea of taking Italian. That's on my list too! Her room is great!

  4. Her room looks awesome and SO spacious! And good for you with taking Italian!

  5. Congratulations... a beautiful daughter, and three potentially successful kids! I think you will enjoy your empty nest!

  6. She does look happy and her room is fabulous!

  7. Well done momma. Love how she decorated.

  8. Sounds almost {picture} perfect. Good for you to learn a new language - Italian, whew, grazie mille - have fun!

  9. Good for you! Italian! I am so happy that my son has decided to take French this year--I told him he has to come to Paris with me and help me get around! :) He started speaking the few words he knew (which did in fact sound quite French) and then made motions like he would act like he didn't know me and walk pretty much the same in Europe as at home. ;) I hope your girl continues to love it at Penn State. Hopefully the football picks up!

  10. Your daughter is so blessed to have a wonderful mother like you. Thanks for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop.
    Betty @ My Cozy Corner Co-Hostess at Katherines Corner

  11. Best wishes to #3 at college. What a blessing to have a supportive mom who loves enough to take a deep breath and let go. You are still the center of the universe, they are just in a farther orbit. Enjoy your Italian class!

  12. I feel the bittersweet of this post. It's hard to let go, but there really isn't any other choice. I still have a ways to go, but I'm already worrying about it. I love Thing #3's dorm room. Mine definitely did not look like that. She is going to have an awesome year! Before you know it, she will be home for the holidays!

  13. Oh yes, college does fit her to a tee! She looks as happy as a Lark. Wait till your youngest (27, but still our baby) leaves in May to Alaska. Works on a Glacier until Sept. Calls and says she's coming home Weds. (yup, tomorrow). Just had to see us and then she's off on Sat. to go backpacking in Thailand and won't be home until Dec. This is when I wish I could sit her in a corner and say, "you're in time out". She's her own boss now, but she'll never stop being my baby! Love your fun post Kathy! Thanks for sharing with SYC.