June 5, 2015

"Once upon a time...

...there was a 17-year-old girl who was forced to drag her butt out of bed everyday.  Only to drag her reluctant self to school. Sometimes, the dragging was more intense than others.  It was ALWAYS intense for her mother.  But it was always there.  The Renegade.  Never one to joyously join in and participate in the "normal" school activities without persuasion...the idea of going to PROM wasn't always a given.  Luckily prom fever prevailed.  She fell victim.  Mom was happy.  All was right in the world.

"The Prom"
Thing #3
Ambler, Pennsylvania

"Prom has all the elements of a popular story...

"The Smiles"

"The Dress"

...it reeks of all-Americanness, tension and drama."  And yes, there was plenty of tension and drama.  Let's just say that if it weren't for teen age boys...I'd love to be a teen age girl again.  And I'm reluctant to admit that moms of teen-age boys probably feel the same towards teen-age girls.  

"The Relief"
(aka...the dress zipped up without incident!)

It has romance, pretty dresses, smiles and laughter...

"The Gang"

"The Girls"

Like all good theatre and performing arts geeks, the importance of stage props is not lost on these kids.

"The Boys"

High school prom.  Coming of age.  It's kinda worth dragging your butt out of bed for on occassion.

"The Renegade"

Not to mention, some day her future kids will want these photos.  It's always good to have ammunition to make fun of your mother with when she is trying to drag your lazy butt out of bed in the morning to go to school!  Karma.  Totally counting on it!  Well that AND the fact that she lives happily ever after.

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  1. She is gorgeous Kathy. Great to have a bunch of friends to enjoy it with. And a Mum who is a great photographer.

    1. Thanks Carol! I'm just lucky she ALLOWED me to photograph her this particular day. It isn't always the case!

  2. Wonderful series of pics! LOVE the b/w close up of here eye and smile...and the first portrait is so tender. My renegade never made it to prom...no regrets yet! Sorry I've been a bit absent - just taking a breath - will be back to join in with everything as usual next week!

  3. What a great post this is Kathy! Your daughter is just gorgeous, and i guess normal for teens her age... not always easy, but so rewarding..... renegade or not

  4. She is gorgeous! SOunds like inside and out.

  5. Oh, how I love these! I took prom photos of my daughter and her date about a month ago and had such a blast. Lovely lovely lovely!

    I really enjoy how kids play along with photography. With so much of it, everyone seems so much more comfortable than when we were kids. Brava to all!!

  6. Such stunning shots!!! I love the last one best!

  7. Beautiful! And fun shots with all the small hand held bouquets except the one with the wrist adornment. So pleased for you she allowed the photos!

  8. Awww - the things I've been missing while being absent from the web. Your photos are great. Your thing #3 and her gang are wonderful. I hope, am pretty sure, that you all had a good time.

  9. These are absolutely darling! My daughter is so jealous of all these prom going Americans.

  10. Oh I just love your thoughts and captures of prom. Well done!

  11. What a great collection of photos! They look like wonderful kids - despite the dragging ;)

    thank you for joining us again this week for Photo Friday. I always look forward to your posts ;)

  12. Great shots of some very good looking prom-goers!!

  13. Love these shots of the prom kids. You have captured the day perfectly. And your youngest looks like a young you, just darling!!

  14. Wonderful and touching pictures - that made me smile, made me feel like crying just a little, and reminded me to be grateful for this life. So glad you let your creativity fly . . . and that your daughter did this one kinda "normal" thing.

  15. She's beautiful and your photography is utterly amazing!

  16. Beautiful pictures! She'll cherish these photos forever.

  17. So beautiful! I really love your take on capturing moments, beautiful just beautiful.