May 18, 2015

"Song-ography, the 'Shut Up and Dance' edition...

"She took my arm,
I don't know how it happened.
We took the floor and she said...

"Prom Prep"

"Shut Up and Dance With Me"

...shut up and dance with me!"
-Shut Up and Dance (Walk the Moon)

Oh man. How did THIS happen?  My last Thing (#3) and her last Prom this coming weekend.  I commented the other day that I wasn't sure HOW that made me feel.  I was informed by a friend someone that the word I'm looking for is...OLD.  Touche'.  Instead, maybe I'll just shut up and dance myself.


End of the year senioritis is catching up with moi.  "Senioritis" as in high school senior...NOT the senior citizen variety DESPITE my age.  I didn't have time to seriously ponder next week's Song-ography prompt suggestion.  Which means, it's...


Just remember the necessities:  song + photography = Song-ography.  All other links will be deleted.  Feel free to link up blog posts, Instagram, or  Flickr submissions.  All are welcome. Thanks again for stopping by and for linking up.  Please help spread the word and let's make this Song-ography community grow!

(click on image for full description of Song-ography)


  1. Beautiful photos. Gorgeous shoes. And I am sure you, I mean thing #3 is going to have a ball :D I hope you're going to have fun on the dance floor, too

  2. I bet she's lovely and will dance the night away!

  3. Gorgeous shots.

  4. Hope Thing #3 has a great prom!!

  5. As kids we feel like 'it' will take forever to happen - then suddenly one day, as adults, we blink and the milestones and seasons come and go in a flash. Lordy! Enjoy the weekend. Love the headband - the shoes, while pretty, make my feet hurt just looking at them. (yea, it takes less and less heel to qualify as "dressy" to me these days)

  6. Love those shoes and that headband! I'm sure she'll look stunning! I can't believe my younger one is finishing up her first year of high school next week! I know the next 3 are going to fly!

  7. LOVE those shoes!!! Now to come up with a song....

  8. Oh, what pretty, pretty shoes. I never went to prom myself, but those shoes make me wish I had somewhere to wear a pair like them.

  9. Beautiful shoes for prom. That second photo is stunning.

  10. I don't know what happened to me yesterday but I totally forgot to post my contribution but it is up now and seems like a caught the linky still open which I am happy about as I took the image especially for this weeks prompt. As for prom, not a big thing in the UK although they are increasing in popularity.