May 25, 2015

"Song-ography, the 'Daughters' edition...

"I know a girl
She puts the color inside of my world.
But, she's just like a maze
Where all of the walls continually change."

-Daughters (John Mayer)

"I Know a Girl"
Thing #3

My wish for my daughter is that she can see...what I see.  A beautiful young lady who continues to color my world.  Confusing at times.  Loved always.  Continually changing.  Forever my girl. Today she enters her last week of senior high school classes.  Stop the roller coaster, or at least slow it down.  I need to catch my breath. 


Speaking of changes, there are going to be some here at Song-ography.  With the realization that everyone experiences different things in their lives from week to week, I'm moving away from the "one prompt fits all" approach.  Instead, you may choose whatever song/lyric fits your photography each week starting NEXT TUESDAY.  I'm making it really easy, the ONLY rules are...

1.  Song/Lyric

2. Photo(s) that relates to your chosen song/lyric

3.  Links can be from blogs, Instagram, Flickr (all are welcome).  Photos can be new OR from your long as YOU took them.

4.  Random posts will be deleted

That's it folks.  Pretty simple and straight forward.  Hoping the general nature of the Song-ography "rules" will lend themselves to more participation.  

As always, thank you for joining in here at Song-ography.  Comments and posts are always welcome!  Looking forward to visiting your link ups.


  1. You're making me think too much dear!
    Tom the Backroads Traveller

    1. Well, your brain worked very well THIS week! :)

  2. I'm with Tom! I loved the ideas for each week (-:

    She looked gorgeous, hope she enjoys her last wek (0:

    1. I was hoping by opening up the possibilities, it might increase participation.

    2. I totally get it! I liked the challenge, but now will get to be creative on my own!

  3. So beautiful Kathy, both the way you see your daughter and the way you show her to the world.

  4. She is beautiful! What a great age to be.
    I'll miss the prompts making me think.

  5. Did she finish her exams? We are still in full swing here. A wonderful loving post ...your daughter can be very proud of you! Hope that I will come up with some ideas for the new rules ( I still can't get my head around the fact that it is every TUESDAY and Not on SUNDAYS anymore) . Must be age....

  6. Kathy, your youngest is a stunner! The light on her face -- just so lovely. The comments here make me chuckle. Sometimes it's SO hard to think up something for a certain song. But when you give us freedom to choose, my mind goes blank. Ha ha! I will try to rise to the challenge :)!

  7. Gorgeous photo of your daughter! WOW.

  8. I am kind of sad about the weekly prompts but also excited to have freedom to do my own thing...but I think I will miss the challenge of working towards a specific song.


  9. I'm well in the groove of doing my own thing - perhaps the new rules were written especially for me?! Ha ha.
    Thank you so much for hosting Kath
    Your daughter is beautiful.
    Wren x

  10. Beautiful. Never heard of Song-ography what a great idea x