May 4, 2015

"Song-ography, the 'Scenes from an Italian Restaurant' edition...

"A bottle of  white, a bottle of red
perhaps a bottle of rose' instead
We'll get a table by the street
in our old familiar place
you and me face to face."

-Scenes from an Italian Restaurant (Billy Joel)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Truth is, I have molte...molte...MOLTE fotos of Italian restaurants.  The REAL Italy.  And I readily admit I was going to play the easy route and just dig out a few of them, because...I've been blah about my photography lately and anything new I have shot.  But a funny thing happened as I was strolling thru Philly last week.  I saw something better.  I've been in a photographic slump.  Nothing seems to inspire me to grab the camera.  But I take it with me  regardless.  Just in case (plus, the camera bag is a good upper body workout at times).  I was glad I did because "just in case" grabbed my attention.  Face to face.


Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows I've been bitten by the "Fitbit" bug.  So I've been doing lotsa walks lately.  Given up on the old college try when it comes to running.  Tired of my knees screaming at me.  So a fast pace walk and a Fitbit I've grown accustom to.  Given the glorious Spring weather we've been having here in the Mid-Atlantic region recently, next week's Song-ography prompt suggestion came to mind numerous times while strollling this past week...

"Oh What a Beautiful Morning"
from Oklahoma
sung by Hugh Jackman

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I'm a musical and Broadway geek.  Actually, my Things might even tell ya I've been known to wake them up on particularly gorgeous school mornings when they were young, singing this song to them.  I consider myself lucky that at least ONE of them turned into a musical theater geek in their own right, despite the quality of my singing.

Just to go over a few Song-ography stipulations.  Blog, Flickr, Instagram links are all welcome, just as long as the premise of Song-ography is shown.  That being:

Photography + Song (either title OR lyrics) = Song-ography

All other links will be deleted.  Thanks for joining in here!  I look forward to visiting every one's links and encourage others to do the same.  If you have any song suggestions, please feel free to pass them on to me. 

(click on image for description of Song-ography)


  1. I hope you found your way out of the photography slump. Sometimes all it takes is something else to keep the mind (and eyes) busy e.g. fitbit walks and then it hits you. I hope it will hit you a lot, because your photos are beautiful!

  2. Great interpretation!! We just finished up a run of Oklahoma and I have all of the songs in my head on repeat!

  3. I had a slump as the winter dragged on - hope your walks help you kick the slump (also I loved this week's song, a personal fav!)

  4. I have been in the same blah - hopefully that shakes soon. Loved my Fitbit - was going to pass it along to my daughter, but Ryan came home from college for the summer last evening and brought the Freshman 15 with him - guess I'll have to invest in another. :)

    Can't wait for next week's song.

  5. I did go the easy way and pulled out an old Italy photo! But after I did I found some recent photos that would have worked so I was torn.

    I, too, LOVE Broadway musicals!!

  6. Love it when inspiration seems to pop out of no where... Like love/happiness/aha moments - seems to grab me when I forget I'm looking and/or least expect it!! I like the colors in the photo - they seem to echo those little european towns that we enjoy so much!

  7. Glad you were inspired. Congrats on the walking program.

  8. Love this photo and the rustic nature of it. I have been walking a lot as well. It's great, but my muscles are angry sore. Hope it goes away soon, but I do like the reminder that the walks are doing something.

  9. Great shot! I love that bench.