May 15, 2015

"A pollen tsunami...

Color my world pink...

Fairmount Park
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

...and white.

Fairmount Park
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"The Earth laughs in flowers."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

And I am just glad to be outside soaking up the rays and the beauty.  Spring has done gone and sprung in Philly.  I LAUGH at the winter that was!  Hasta la vista to those cold and colorless days. Bring on the color.  Achoo!

"Strolling Amidst the Magnolias"

"Color My World"

"Love is like cherry blossoms.
It blooms at the first promise of spring,
it beautifies even the most gray landscape,
and scatters at the first gust of wind...
but as they hold,
when you look at them,
you steal a little view of paradise."

-Georgia Kakalopoulou

"Cherry Boughs"

"Under the Canopy"

"Blinding White"

Truth is, the pink and white of these boughs have come and gone in just a few short and glorious weeks.  Now?  We have morphed into a pollen tsunami.   Achoo!

"Strolling in the Fountain"
Fairmount Park
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The pink and whites of the cherry and magnolia trees have given way to the blooms of the azaleas and rhododendron.  The pollen tsunami rages on.  And so does Spring until it steps aside for summer.  But until the dreaded "hazy, hot and humids" flex their muscles and take control of sure is beautiful here in the City of Brotherly Love...achoo!  

(all photos taken during an afternoon stroll in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia)

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  1. Wow, those trees sure are pretty. Lots of folks out enjoying the day, including you!

  2. I just love that area. The pollen...not so much.

  3. This looks incredible. Wish I can see an spectacle like that one day.

  4. So Spring. Our cherry tree didn't even blossom this year. So bummed! We've lost our holly, rhododendron, and azalea shrubs to winter. Triple bummed.

  5. Fabulous reflectionof the little girl. Perfect pink perfusions. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. These are GORGEOUS photos! I just love it when everything starts to come to life...although I could do without the pollen. The only way I've managed to survive the pollen season is a combination of sudafed and zyrtec. Even then there are days when I don't feel like I'm going to survive.

    thank you for joining us again this week!

  7. Breathtaking profusions!
    Please come link up at

  8. Spectacular!!!

  9. Oh, wow! That looks spectacular! We were in Philadelphia for 24 hours last year in April...just a bit early for the blossom.

  10. Wow these are amazing, what an awesome scene.

    Thank you for linking up

  11. Lovely pictures all around. But I really love the one of the woman in her colorful sari, just beautiful.

  12. Looks like paradise! #mysundayphoto

  13. I really love spring beautiful colors, weather and the good mood that comes with it.

    You really captured these characteristics very well on your photos.

    Luis Pina

  14. Wow - just beautiful photos of my favourite blooms! I just love them and have pinned a few to admire later! Thanks for sharing them :) #mysundayphoto

  15. Wow! Such amazing pictures of such beautiful blooms!! Absolutely gorgeous!

    Constance -

  16. Superb floral blooms.
    Have a Nice Weekend!!
    Peace :)