April 3, 2015

"She ain't no ' wannabe' no more...

"Penn State Wannabe No More"

Truth is.  Thing #3 was NEVER no "wannabe".  We just liked to tease her that she was destined to be a Penn State Nittany Lion.  And sometimes we even DRESSED her like the Nittany Lion just to prove our point...whether she wannabe or don't wannabe.  Truth is.  She had no choice that she was born bleeding blue and white.  Truth is.  It could have been worse.  She could have been born bleeding Ohio State grey and scarlet and worshipping something called a Buckeye.

1.  Her dad and I met at Penn State, were engaged at Penn State, and now own a second home at Penn State.

"In the Beginning there was Penn State"

2.  Her brother and sister both went to Penn State.  AND married Penn Staters.  No, this wasn't mandatory...maybe.

"Followed by MORE Penn State"

3.  Much of her formative years were spent at Penn State, or travelling WITH Penn State on the weekends.  Sometimes it was to watch her brother play baseball for the Nittany Lions...

"Growing Up Blue and White"

"Surrounded by Blue"

4.  ...sometimes it was to tailgate and cheer on the Penn State Nittany Lions football team.

"We Are"

"The Family that Tailgates Together....is 'Pretty Cool'!"

5.  Her opinion might be that her family is just a weeeeee bit "Penn State Crazy".  She probably has a valid point.  After all she IS the "smart one" of the family.  But then again, so are Things #1 and #2.

"Tolerating the Craziness"

Despite all these facts, or maybe BECAUSE of all these facts...Thing #3 always swore there was no way in H*ll she would EVER go to Penn State.  And I always said that is okay, just as long as you know there is no way in H*ll you are going to Columbus, Ohio and THE Ohio State University.  We had a deal we both could live with.  I would have bet a gazillion Buckeyes that Thing #3 would be the renegade of the familial unit. That she would be the one to introduce some foreign color into our blue/white wardrobes.  That maybe I would finally get to sell that townhouse up in State College for perhaps a place down at the shore (seriously,...TOTALLY hoping for the latter!).

She put in applications and was accepted to schools in Boston and New York City.  BOTH cities that I could totally get use to visiting ad nauseum.  I COULD actually get excited about a renegade child and having to buy and introduce a new and foreign university hoodie into my wardrobe (as long as it wasn't The Ohio State).

And then something outta the blue (and white) happened...

"Thumbs Up"

She decided to embrace her genetics and gave the thumbs up to the Blue and White.  We have another Nittany Lion in our den.  Truth is.   She has ALWAYS been in our den.  But she is officially done with being a wannabe, and is a bona fide "We Are".

Truth is.  I would have been thrilled for her wherever she chose to attend college.  Truth is.  My wallet thanks her for choosing Penn State.  But my heart thanks her for making her own choice and exploring her options.

Now on to the next obvious question.  NO, she does NOT have to marry a Penn Stater!  Truth is.  It WOULD make family Christmas gift giving all THAT much easier tho.  So just think about Thing #3, okay!?!?

We are!

P.S.  Despite my aversion to Ohio State, I just wanna say I DID root for them in the National Championship Bowl game this past year.  It hurt.  But I did it anyway.

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  1. Well congrats to your daughter & the rest of your Penn State family for her choice. What fun it was to see her growing up in these photos. I loved the one with everyone and the Penn State Lion statue. Can't say we are that "die hard" here about college choices. Although if I had to pick Huskies (UW) over Cougars (WSU) I'd pick the "cougs" any day.

  2. Congratulations! what a great post and what a great collection of pictures! It reminds me of my husband's family - they are all Mississippi State Bulldogs, and are passionate about it. In fact, my sweet father-in-law turned to my sweet mother-in-law earlier this afternoon and said, "Will you please shut up. I'll listen to you in a minute" because there a segment about State's new defensive coordinator . Now - Husband did not go to State. He could have, but he got a full-ride scholarship to the local university & even more than being a Bulldog, Husband is pragmatic. I don't have any such ties. Perhaps it's because we don't have that history in my family or perhaps because I saw college as a means to an end and was busy taking 7-8 classes/semester & working full-time. The dedication here is CRAZY.

    Thank you for joining us again this week!

  3. Congratulations to your new Penn Stater! She's a beauty!

  4. Congrats to your daughter! She is following her family tradition. I hope she will be happy there and do well. I know you are proud. She's a cutie pie in her blue & white!

  5. GREAT post. Beautiful family. Congrats to Thing #3, and to all of you! :)

  6. Such a fun family story and love your shots. Know your daughter will be another great Penn Stater! She is so cute and love your family shots

  7. Congrats to your daughter - I think it was destiny. :)

  8. She's quite a fox!
    Please come share your photos at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2015/03/the-beautiful-almond-tree.html

  9. Well while bummed you won't be in Boston all the time, it sounds like she made a wonderful choice!

  10. Now I am curious what she has decided to study....