March 16, 2015

"Song-ography, the 'In My Own Little Corner' edition....

"In my own little corner in my own little chair
I can be whatever I want to be...

"The Old Black Chair, She Ain't What She Use to Be"
Still  Life

...On the wings of my fancy I can fly anywhere
and the world will open its arms to me."

-In My  Own Little Corner (Cinderella)


Short and sweet this week my friends.  You know what never occurred to me PRE "schnozz" surgery? That it would hurt like holy h*ll to hold a camera up to my face to shoot a photograph!  YOWZA!  But being the self sacrificing trooper that I am (yes, call me a MOM), I persevered this week.  But after taking this photo, I was spent!  Too spent to come up with a song for NEXT week's Song-ography prompt suggestion.  So what's a hurtin' gal to do?  LEAVE IT UP TO YOU!  Yep, next week's Song-ography prompt is...


Now seriously, you just don't hear a mom say THAT very often do ya?!?!?  Honestly, it felt foreign to even type it out.  

Thank you to everyone who stops by here, leaves a kind comment, links up, etc.  It is ALL appreciated!  I highly encourage everyone participating to please take the time to visit a few of your fellow won't be disappointed.  I know I never am!

(click on image for description of Song-ography)


  1. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. The photo was worth it. I know how surgery takes everything out of you...Your heart is in the right place to want to do stuff, but it takes everything in your body to get healed leaving nothing else to do anything. Hopefully by now you're feeling stronger Kathy. xo

  3. I hope you are feeling much better soon and that the daisies brighten up your world. I am joining you over at Our World Tuesday.

  4. Oh, your still life is lovely. You've got time to stop and smell the flowers now, an you really can.

  5. Heal up. I like the simple ole black chair as a backdrop to those pretty flowers.

  6. Beautiful picture, worth the discomfort. Sending loads of quick healing vibes.

  7. Hope you heal up soon. Love the image!

  8. Um....ouch. Crazy the things we 'take for granted' - like pain free photography!! Been thinking about you and praying for your healing. This photo is very sweet - much innocence and hope!

  9. Beautiful and creative shot of the daisies on the vintage chair ~

    Wishing you a wonder filled week,
    artmusedog and carol

  10. I like how you composed your shot. Gorgeous photo and flowers.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  11. Such a beautiful shot. I do hope you are feeling a bit better by now.


  12. Lovely image, and I do remember those lyrics, my eldest daughter loved anything to do with Cinderella when she was a little girl.