March 29, 2015

"Be Still Sunday...

Be still and take a moment
to be proud of your accomplishments.

"Singing her Praises"
Real Life/Still Life

Only a couple of more months til the youngest flies the coop and leaves me an empty nester.  I hope she realizes, and appreciates, all that she has accomplished during her high school years.  I know I do.  This is a girl who didn't even make the chorus of her high school musical her freshman year.  She thought her life was over.  

"In the Middle"
State Chorus Selections

Little did she know, it was the falling down that would propel her forward...with a little nudge from her Parental Units.

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  1. Such a crisp clear image of her robe... and the girls look so fresh with their futures brightly ahead of them... I used to sing in choirs at church but find now in my mid 60s that I really can't carry a tune anymore, so I just make a joyful noise to the Lord! Thank you Kathy, for coming by sharing your creative photography on the Weekly Top Shot, #171!

  2. Way to go Thing 3! I am sure her voice is gorgeous!

  3. So awesome! congrats to thing #3 :)

  4. Awww thats so nice! COngrats! #MySundayPhoto

  5. Congratulations! I think your proud Mama smile is casting a glow all the way here to Maine.

  6. Ohhh these photos speak volumes Kathy. You seem to be the kind of mom that has shown by falling-keep an open heart to let other and more opportunities to be recognized. Congrats to you all.

    1. I try Kelly. But then again...when my kids aren't looking I'm screaming into a pillow in the next room! haha.

  7. What a great story of perseverance! She seems quite decorated now!

  8. Great photo, you must be very proud

    Thank you for linking up

  9. It is often the set-backs that propel us further, stronger, more determined. Hard to remember sometimes as the parent trying to console and inspire a child picking themselves up after a fail. Congratulations on your daughter's accomplishments.

  10. For many years, singing in choirs was my creative (and emotional) outlet. I'm so glad your daughter had the opportunity to develop and share her musical gifts. I wish her all the best as she goes forth to conquer the larger world!

  11. Congratulations to your daughter… I loved singing in a variety of choirs all through high school… such a joy to sing with others, harmonizing as one. I'm glad she tried again and now had this wonderful accomplishment to be proud of.

  12. Ahh, teenagers! Lovely shots, you must be so proud!