February 5, 2015

"You run...

...like a girl.

Use to be a playground insult.  Truth?  I did. Truth?  I still do. Truth?  I'm not insulted.  Truth?  I throw and punch like a girl too.  I never found those accusations demeaning.  They are who I am.  They don't stop me from running, throwing, and punching. Truth?  Being true to myself is kinda empowering.  Just like a girl.

"Run Like a Girl"

"A girl should be two things:  who and what she wants."
-Coco Chanel

You know what else I do?  I THINK like a girl.  More accurately..I think like MOI...who happens to be a girl.  And this is what I know from personal experience and THINKING about it:

1.  You are who you hang with.  Emotions and 'tudes are contagious....both the positive AND the negative ones.  Since you are bound to get infected, expose yourself wisely.

2.  Changing habits takes practice.  And yes...how you think IS a habit.  I've been practicing a LOT lately.

3.  What goes around comes around.  Or is it, what comes around goes around?  Either way, Karma is a good thang.  Altho, I'm not sure if Karma is a "like a girl"...or "like a boy".  Let's assume transgender (which means it will make the cover of PEOPLE magazine in a week or two).

4.  My worse enemy?  MOI.  It's quite amazing the high number of things I can talk myself out of.  And it's equallly amazing the few number of things I can talk myself in to.  I should be "like a girl" and be a cheerleader...for myself.

5.  Mick knows best.  You can't always get what you want.  But if you try sometime, you  just might find you get what you need.  Not bad for someone who kinda looks "like a girl" but dances "like a guy".

"Born to Run"

Runs like a girl, throws like a girl, punches like a girl, thinks like a girl.  Yep, kinda empowering.  Kinda moi.  I'm good with it.

P.S.  Inspired by a feminine hygiene product advertisement seen during the SuperBowl...go figure!  #LikeAGirl

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  1. i LOVED that commercial, i really did. i must be truthful and say, i got the message......i felt the insult. perhaps i am sensitive but for me, it was such a profound message. we are all equal. we all need to be the people we needed when we were younger. to set the example, to be strong and to make sure the younger woman in our lives see us as powerful equals.

    as soon as the commercial started i got goose-bumps......such an important message!! just my humble opinion!!!!

  2. That commercial was AMAZING!! So so so true!! I love that I teach some awesome tough young girls!

  3. ....and not only the company we keep - but all the reading/news watching we do. Geesh. Sometimes you wonder if there's anyone out there who's got a kind word to say!!?! Then I open blogger, and I'm reminded that there sure are. I confess that I was so wrapped up in {read anxiety ridden} during the game that I scarcely remember the commercials! Will have to find this one!

  4. I never fully got the whole insult of doing stuff like a girl, because dang if woman aren't strong beings who do it all. I want my daughter to never ever feel that somehow her womanhood means she is weak. And there are time, admittedly, when I see women play that part and I just want to shake some sense. I always say that there are many ways to be brave and many ways to be strong. It doesn't have to all boil down to physical. But yeah, we got that too!

  5. Ha! That was a good commercial! Love that running shot...also the one you have on Instagram in your heels!

  6. I so agree with the piece about the company you keep. I have actually walked away from people because I can't handle the negativity. I have too many negative tendencies myself, and I'm easily led. I just can't do it...and I say that's OK.

    Thanks for linking up with me! I appreciate it!

    Jen - Pierced Wonderings

  7. A great post.. And I loved that commercial as well.


  8. Well, what more can I say but...YOU GO GIRL! Love this post! All is well here, Kathy, gratefully! Thanks for poppin in. Stay warm and safe and dry! Aloha Friend!

  9. Girl Power all the way!
    I saw that same commercial. It was great, I think Coleen was impressed by it too. She's at the vulnerable age (just turned 10) when self-perception and what others think is vital to self-esteem.
    I so agree with your entire post.

  10. #1 How true.
    #2 I have been practicing for years and I'm still not good at it.
    #3 Life can be like a boomerang.
    #4 We are ALL our own worst enemy.
    #5 As the Rolling Stones sang "You can't always get what you want,
    But if you try sometimes, well you might find,
    You get what you need."
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  11. I LOVE this! Girl power for the win :)

  12. I do know the commercial...afraid I don't run like a girl...not that I run much any more...but I do run like myself...I was fleet of foot when young...just not for a great distance. who cares how you run, so long as you can....now that I cannot go very far at all, I miss it. Number 1 is sooo true...I can be in a good mood and get with the wrong person and develop an attitude..not exactly bad...just sort of blah mood. Why can't it be the other way and me get them in a good mood? And I do need to talk to myself all the time about stopping some habits, some ways of thinking....

    I really did enjoy this post.

  13. I've always told my daughter - "play like a girl, win like a champ." Girl is competitive little bugger. Son - not so much! The great thing about a lot of her games and youthful cartoons - there were powerful girls (Powerpuff Girls, SailorMoon, etc.). Right messages. Kick butt and take names - like a girl. :)

  14. Way to go, Kathy. Being a girl is the BEST ever, don't you think?

  15. Holy moly I want that shirt!!!! It does not matter how you run, how far or how fast.....as long as you do!! That's a lot more than most others can say.
    Ok now onto the techie stuff. How did you set up the first shot? Remote or timer?

    1. Hey Lisa, got the shirt at a Springsteen concert :). The shot was done by timer...and set on a burst of 10 shots. AND...multiple retakes, haha!

  16. Isn't it amazing where (and when!) inspiration strikes? I love your blog by the way and am going to subscribe!

  17. I so need to get back into good habits, we have a treadmill and I need to get back on...

  18. Such an awesome girly post :-D
    Love it
    diane @ thoughts & shots

  19. I love that commercial. Love the post. Stopped by from Piereced Wonderings (Photo Friday.) Will enjoy exploring your blog.

  20. Great post and very true! :-)


  21. And all that stuff you've come to know shows you're a very wise girl. Renee

  22. "Like a Girl"

    Yeah, and damn proud of it!!!

    Great post! x

  23. i saw that commercial too...totally agree with number 1...have had to get rid of "friends" for constantly being negative....great post, thank you for linking!

  24. Yup, I'm proud to do those things like a girl also! If we are doing our best doesn't matter whether we are a boy or a girl. Just trying and doing is what is important! I saw that commercial and loved it also. Thanks for sharing with SYC.