February 9, 2015

"Song-ography, the 'I Can See Clearly Now' edition...

"I can see clearly now the rain is gone...

(disclaimer: but not the snow, alas)

"I Can See Clearly Now"
(Project Still Life)

...I can see all obstacles in my way."
-I Can See Clearly Now (Jimmy Cliff)

I can see SOOOO clearly that I even see all the dust on this old pair of binoculars that I SHOULD have cleaned before taking a photograph.  I could claim to be high-brow and refer to this as deliberate "wabi sabi" (finding beauty in imperfection).  Truth is...it's dust.  Live and learn.   Just another obstacle.  Just another day.  And it happened to be a sunshiney one the day I clicked this shot.  It's just not...today.


So next week is Valentine's Day already?!?  I still haven't put all my Christmas decorations away yet.  MOST of them...but you MIGHT find a stray hall still decked around here.  I just call them "Winter" decorations now.  But Valentine's waits for no man, or woman.  So next Tuesday's Song-ography prompt suggestion is one of my current favorite songs.  Kind of romantic.  Kind of sweet.  Okay...REALLY romantic and REALLY sweet in my book.  Perfect for Valentines Day.  And if you are fan of ballroom dancing, take a gander at the moves going on here...

"Thinking Out Loud"
Ed Sheeran

And remember, you don't have to use the prompt.  It's just a suggestion.  Also, blog posts, Instagram photos, Flickr are all welcome as long as you have a song that mashes up with your photography.  After all, that IS the point of this link up.

Thanks for joining in, take a minute and leave your thoughts (or any suggestions you might have), and visit a few of the other participants.  I will be around to visit everyone and see what you've been up to with Song-ography.

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  1. Shoot were's the Jimmy Cliff-I Can See Clearly Now video? Tom The Backroads Traveller

    1. Tom, the video is on last weeks Song-ography here: http://youllshootyoureyeout-kathy.blogspot.com/2015/02/song-ography-ordinary-day-edition.html

  2. What a great song choice once again, Kathy. This is a real good mood one.
    Those are some funky binoculars...

  3. Great song choice! Wish I were more organized so I could post up. Either way, I enjoy coming by for a visit.

  4. Can you see Spring with those Bushnells??? Even a little?? No?

  5. It seems that Tuesdays happen too quick for me ...always too late for posting. Love the song and your picture is great for it.

  6. Fantastic song choice and a brilliant picture to illustrate it. I too am terrible at remembering to dust stuff off before photographing it.

  7. Hopefully you are not getting the snow Tamar (and my daughter, Allyson) are getting in the Boston area. I endured a mini-meltdown of my daughter (not Tamar nor the snow) last evening about the lack of clear walkways and depths and heights of the snow.

    Funny, it never even occurred to me to whip off my glasses or pull out the binoculars for this prompt. You are so adept at accentuating the obvious with such an artistic voice.

  8. Nice pic, nobody would have noticed the dust if you hadn't said anything! Thanks for hosting Song-ography.

  9. Great pic! I used to love using our big binoculars as a kid!
    And I am laughing SO hard at Nicki's comment. I am another foot away from a meltdown!!

  10. Cool binocs! I've never had a pair, and now I'm asking why! Hope you get a snow clearing soon!

  11. I love the morning sunshine that is shining in our front room window.... but it does show up every bit of dust and cobweb that I seem to have missed when cleaning!


  12. Perfect..Great song choice. I have been humming This tune all week..


  13. I used to keep a pair of binoculars on the front window sill, but after awhile I thought maybe the people across the street might think I was a voyeur while in truth I was only looking at birds. And yes, I still have a decoration or two still lingering...just noticed yesterday I forgot to remove the swag over the front hallway mirror. Oh well, Christmas will be here in another 10 months.

  14. Perfect song choice - because I done a post about this great song with a series of pictures. thanks for hosting this.
    Oh almost forgot - thanks for teaching me a new phrase, "wabi sabi".

  15. I must not be seeing clearly, because I don't see the dust. On the other hand the light is heavenly.

  16. I keep getting delivery status notification failure, so I'm posting this comment to see if we might have fixed it.

  17. Great shot! The composition, the placement of the binoculars........I get a feel that there is some personification here, as if that they are looking back at you too. LOL.

  18. It's amazing how that dust has a way of showing up just in photos!

    Teresa @ Eden Hills