February 25, 2015

"Let sleeping dogs lie...

As if I have a choice.

"Help I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up"
Dog #1 (HomeBoy)

The good news about these cold temps we've been having?  And yes, the eternal pessimist HAS found some good news in Hell freezing over. Altho my subject matter has been limited to the confines of my humble abode, at least I DO have subject matter.  Not just any old subject matter, but subject matter that doesn't move...so I can practice shooting in manual ad nauseum.  Statistically low probability of blur.  Statistically high probability I can do multiple retakes with many, many, many different settings.  Dog #1 (aka Homer, HomeBoy, Bub, Blob, Oh man...Was That YOU?) is THE perfect prop and lesson aid.  So thanks HomeBoy.  Your work is done.  Go find another sun spot and take a load off....again.


I've had a number of questions about how I  was able to shoot the photo I used for Tuesday's post HERE, and here...

"The Jump"

1.   Yes...I have boundless energy, when I WANT to have boundless energy.  When I DON'T?  HomeBoy and I can often be indistinguishable.

2.   Having a few props is essential.  My FIRST prop was Dog #1, HomeBoy (seen in the photo at the top of post).  But as you can see, he is prone to falling over when convenient. Ironically, my teenager does the same thing. So I called in my understudy prop...Dog #2 (aka Utley, PITA, Brown Noser, Mom's favorite).  It's always good to have a prop that can't take his eyes off of you, adores you, and lives to please.

Another prop I would recommend are curtains.  Because I KNOW the neighbors are talking about moi.

3.   I used a chair as my tripod (because I'm kinda technically savvy like that).  Set my camera onto self-timer with continuous bursts of 10 photos at a time.  Which means?  Yep, I had to keep running back and forth from pushing the shoot button on my camera placed on my chair, to jumping up ON my sofa before jumping OFF my sofa.  Why didn't I use my remote timer?  Same reason I didn't use my tripod.

4.  My technicals were:

50mm lens
Shutter 1/400 (probably should have gone a bit higher, but I was too tired once I realized it)
f /2.0
ISO 400
Manual focus (set on an object I had placed on the couch where I would be standing)

5.  How many shots did I take to get the one I used?  I plead the 5th.  However, many turned out something like this...

"Oops I Did It Again"
Dog #2 (Mom's Favorite)

And there ya have it.  I told the truth.  The whole truth.  And nothing but the truth.  So help my aching muscles due to an intense lower body workout,  all in the name of humoring myself photographically.

Here's where I "link up" today.

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Next Tuesday's Song-ography title suggestion is "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift.
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  1. You are TOTALLY killing me right now - trying to eat my lunch while snorting it out my nostrils is not a pretty picture! Good think I'm eating alone in my classroom

  2. Awesome tutorial! Oh to be a fly on the wall during this shoot!

  3. Any time I see a Boston, I have to stop by. Mine tips over too! Love this!

  4. Such cutie!
    A great b&w post!
    My post at: https://hanshb.wordpress.com/

  5. I was thinking you got quite a workout, however you achieved that cool shot! I've done so many similar practice shots (none of me jumping yet!). You're so lucky to have willing photo subjects around the house!

  6. what a face!
    you are too funny, too!!

  7. Such a gorgeous picture. Nothing better than lying on your belly taking a million shots of a pooch. Unless of course you have one of those new fangled tilting LCD screen jobbies. I love the 'how to' for yesterday's picture. I too have neighbours that talk about me. 'She's out there again, Bob. Lying on the garden path, taking pictures.'

  8. You cracked me up! Thanks :). I love all the shots!

  9. You cracked me up! Thanks :). I love all the shots!

  10. lol what a cute sense of humor you have and i love it. i still don't get how you did the photo, but it's there, so i have to believe, you are so talented. i love your dogs and their nicknames lol and i also loved it when you said this: "....Another prop I would recommend are curtains. Because I KNOW the neighbors are talking about moi....' because this is me too,
    I think i must be a pretty interesting person the way my neighbors are always looking at me and watch my every move, but now they don't even say hello anymore, well there are the neighbors to my left that might have some neighborly kindness left in them, but they could be jivin me too (hey that's my song, BB King, Nobody loves me but my Mother) lol

  11. ooooohg i'm in love with that copper kettle!

  12. Your pooch has great texture. Reading about your photo shoot from last week made me chuckle.

  13. Hmmmm, video next??? Just kidding, don't do it!

  14. Such a cutie! Great capture!

  15. Wonderful BW shot! Adorable!

    Happy week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  16. Is that a Life Alert bracelet around Homer's neck? ;) He's so cute. Sounds like you got quite a work out while taking these photos, way to multi-task! I'm glad you have some models to practice with.

  17. I am finding this winter weather is causing me to slow down a litttle. Good shots!

  18. That's just about the coolest shot EVAH!
    Thanks for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2015/02/off-of-saint-maarten.html

  19. It's worth coming back and looking at that photo a second time. It's a classic! And thanks for sharing how you did it.

  20. Oh my stars.. That is too funny, And a fabulous shot as well as a work out.

    Hugs, Linda
    My Happy Place

  21. oh my goodness! these shots are amazing! x

  22. What a wonderful shot and tutorial! I love finding out the how of a great shot, thank you for sharing :)

  23. Best pictures ever!!!!! Thanks for the tutorial... really good! and that dog.... well both dogs are so cute!

  24. Thanks for the laughs! Great B&W photo, he has the saddest little face probably because he's being photographed, LOL. Thanks for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things!

  25. Love these shots- Homer is a handsome fella!...Utley? too. When I read how you got the great shot...sore legs was the first thing I thought of...I'm getting old! Have a wonderful day!

  26. This was hilarious! I've missed Song-ography, I'll be happy when I get involved in the linkup again but for now it's great just sitting back and browsing! Your dogs are cute, especially "Mom's Favorite!" He to me looks like he'd be a distinguished professor if he were human haha!

  27. Well girl, all I have to say is that I wish I could jump like that! I'm afraid my jumping days are over. For one thing is I would be laughing so hard that I would probably pee my pants! Not a pretty picture!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  28. I need one of those never moves props. Mine all come love me up when I try to take their picture.

    Teresa @ Eden Hills