January 18, 2015

"Piles of 'philes'...

It was a VERY rainy Sunday.  Keep calm and ... hug a Pluviophile.

Pluviophile - (n.) a lover of rain;
someone who finds  joy and peace of mind during rainy days.

"Pluvial Skylight"
taken by a Camera-phile

A rainy Sunday is THE perfect time to indulge all my other 'philes and their tendencies...

Clinophile - God I love my bed.

Which is great because I was too lazy to be my normal... 

Ergophile - the love of being productive

NOT that I'm usually productive, I just love it when I am!  UNLESS you call a...

Cinephile - movie lover

...being productive?  Knocked off a few Oscar contenda's.

NOT to be confused with...

Cynophile - a dog lover, which is why you could find me cuddling with them while
watching a movie and not being productive...while in bed.

Where you would uncover I'm also a... 

Turophile - yep, never met a cheese plate I didn't like.  Cheeze pleeze.

Not surprisingly, that pairs well with being an...

Oenophile - wine gulper

And as you might be able to tell,  a rainy Sunday allows me to get carried away with being a...

Logophile - a lover of words.

"She usually loved the sun to reign,
but today she enjoyed the surprise of rain"

-Pluviophiles Anonymous

Yeah, it was good day. And I probably helped you out with future "Trivia Crack" games too.  Now go hug a Pluviophile in my honor.

Here's where I "link up" today.

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Next Tuesday's Song-ography title suggestion is "Imagine" by John Lennon.
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  1. You are too funny! I'm a phile of these for sure!

  2. Fun photo! That looks like a LOT of rain!

  3. I used to love to write poetry on rainy days. I've been missing that lately. Maybe I'll start again. What kind of phile procrastinates?

  4. Hugging myself here, since I am definitely a lover of rain. I had no idea there were so many various philes!

  5. How wet is it possible to be?
    Like your post :-)

  6. Gorgeous photo. I'm a fan of those rainy days on a weekend - and yes, they shout movies, wine, cheese, dog cuddles, so in my opinion it sounds like you were most productive. Renee

  7. You made my very rainy day! Will sit down now and will gulp (productive) my red wine , cuddle dogs and child while watching a movie! Great shots on top!

  8. Oh my word, I seriously needed a dictionary for this post...I am NO pluviophile, but I did enjoy a relaxing weekend by asking my husband and children to let me be...needed to catch up on some reading/blogging and photo editing and miracle of all miracles, they LET ME BE! Thanks for visiting Krampus Run--the costumes are awesome. They remind me of the creatures from the Lord of the Rings.

  9. What a gorgeous photo! I love it. Really love it. So, dreamy, so abstract, just wonderful. And your (love of) words made me smile big time. Great post, Kathy!

  10. You make rain sound wonderful! I am thankful for sun this week after a spate of grey, rainy days.

  11. Im reading this as it rains over here. You make me try to enjoy the gloomy night !

  12. How fun! Love the photo. It is a great way to spend a rainy day.

    Teresa @ Eden Hills

  13. Cinephile always makes me think of the music video with Michael Bolton (Jack Sparrow thelonelyisland). So many philes, so little time! (great image btw)

  14. I adore your rainy day photo Kath! So wonderful to have you share the love up-close with I Heart Macro, you have been missed:-)

  15. Hhhmmm......just found out I'm a Pluviophile!!! :-D

    diane @ thoughts and shots