December 22, 2014

"Why watch reality TV...

...when I can just open my blinds 
and look out my window to all the reality I can handle?"

- Jarod Kintz

"Reality Entertainment"
Prague, Czech Republic

A window can be more entertaining that television.  Especially when travelling and peeking into worlds you never will otherwise have access to. My ultimate entertainment?   Peeking into other people's worlds to see how they go about their reality, their life.  I swear, that isn't as creepy as it sounds.  I think.

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  1. What a wonderful wall! And window. And view.

  2. What a beautiful image… indeed reality in our homes, outside our windows and doors offers plenty!

  3. Wow, I love that image and patterns, fantastic capture!

  4. Kathy, I totally understand you.......... and that's not as creepy as it sounds. :) I do believe that all creative people will understand this too. Wonderful photo, too.

  5. So well said!
    great shot and thanks for linking up!

  6. not creepy - not at all. I love glimpses into other worlds through open windows.

  7. Not creepy at all. You learn so much from it. People watching is fascinating. AND... I love all the geometry of this image!

  8. It doesn't sound creepy to me at all. Folks are fascinating. This photo is stunning.