December 1, 2014

"Song-ography, the 'Thank You' edition...

"How 'bout getting off of these antibiotics
How 'bout stopping eating when I'm full up
How 'bout them transparent dangling carrots
How 'bout that ever elusive kudo."

-Thank You (Alanis Morissette)

"Thanksgiving Wine Requests"
(as written by my 12-year-old niece)

The older I get, the less I need to be content and happy.  Thank you growth and gratification.  It's freeing to  notice and stop chasing those transparent dangling carrots.  To be motivated by what you have on the inside, not by what you want on the outside.  Family.  They make me laugh, they make me cry.  They make me like, they make me love (which are not always tied together, but in my case they go hand-in-hand...thank you).  I remember the confusing words of my Granny, directed at me when I was a 12-year-old and somersaulting my way across our living room floor...

"Kathy, I like ya.  I HAVE to love you 'cause I'm your Granny...but I DON'T 'have' to like ya."

To a kid, that's weird.  To a "slightly older" kid, it's profound.  Thank you Granny.  Family.  Who needs to chase dangling carrots when I have the whole bunch surrounding me already...even the "purple" one.


Posting early.  I'll be at about 30,000 feet when I usually go live with Song-ography.  But it's just not a normal day...Thank you!  I am embarking on a trip that is quite a few years in the making.  The madre', Sis #2, and moi.  Heading towards the Motherland.  And no, that is not DSW.  We are journeying to Dresden, Germany (via Prague and Berlin).  Where a large part of my family history resides courtesy of my Oma and her family. Almost on the Czech border, bombed out during WWII, part of the now defunct East Germany, and former communist Iron Curtain resident. Family.  History.  It's all a part who I am.  Thank you.

"Otto Sisters"
(Oma on the right, with two of her sisters)

Since I will still be overseas next Tuesday, there will be no Song-ography.  But please come back in TWO weeks,  December 16th, for the next Song-ography suggestion...


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  1. Have the BEST time!! I love that wine list hahaha

  2. Love versus Like - another of life's lessons. Love family, heritage and history (and old family pictures). Enjoy yourself and aufweidersehen. :)

  3. Enjoy your trip!!! Can't wait to see the pics!

  4. A wonderful, thankful post. Have a great trip!

  5. Safe trip. Thanks for sharing your list.

  6. Oh my have the BEST trip ever.... I am so looking forward to seeing your images from this trip!


    *waves from the UK as you fly past

  7. Is purple wine a real thing? LOL. Hope you have an amazing time. It sounds fabulous and at Christmas time? Heavenly.

  8. That sounds like a fabulous trip! Have fun!

  9. Feeling content is something I am grateful for too. And being liked by family members! Sounds like you'll be on a fun and educational trip back to your roots, have a nice time :)

  10. Enjoy your trip! Prague is a wonderful place to visit! And the christmas market in Dresden...? I hope that you received my Berlin mail and am looking forward to seeing all your photos.