November 24, 2014

"We delight in the beauty...

...of the butterfly,
but rarely admit the changes it has gone through
to achieve that beauty."

-Maya Angelou

Longwood Gardens
Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

Don't let the flowers fool's November.  Just a few late bloomers I presume.  And the monarch?  I think he missed his charter group flight down south.  Hope he's flying stand-by.

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Next Tuesday's Song-ography title suggestion is..."Everyday People" by Sly and the Family Stone originally (Joan Jett in video)
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  1. Hi Kathy, what a great catch. Have you ever seen where they go for the winter? It's amazing how millions of them cling to tall trees and complete cover them. We saw a Nat Geo special a while ago. Just want to wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving, too.

  2. You are so clever and witty! Love the photo--we too have been blessed with a wonderful fall--no snow yet, knock on wood--or "touch wood" as the Brit's and Aussie's say.

  3. How wonderful to find not only a blooming flower, but also a butterfly in late November! It's a lovely lift on this gray, rainy morning.

  4. beautiful!!! love late bloomers, always make you happy!

  5. This is a wonderful flower ..... very nice ...
    Best regards, Karin