November 3, 2014

Song-ography, the WHATEVER edition...

"Glitter in the Air"
Self Portrait

"Have you ever thrown a fist full of glitter in the air?
Have you ever looked fear in the face and said 'I don't care'?

-Glitter in the Air (Pink)

Have you ever given your neighbors something to make them REALLY wonder about you?  Yeah, that happened this week.  Just my camera. My glitter leaves.  Myself.  And some mild cursing.  I'm sure it was an interesting show.


So.  I was thinking.  Let's expand and loosen up the "rules" for Song-ography.  I'm still going to give you a prompt each week.  BUT if you have a photograph that sings a different song to you...go ahead and feel free to use it.  But please include the song and applicable lyrics in your post. That way we ALL know what music is playin' in your head.  So for next week, you can either use your own song OR my suggestion for guidance...

"Pinch Me"
Barenaked Ladies

I have to say I ALWAYS look forward to visiting your blogs.  BUT...I'm REALLY looking forward to it this week because it's all about WHATEVER song YOU wanted to interpret and create with.  I'm expecting a lot of "Why didn't 'I' think of that!?!" comments to go thru my head!  As always, thanks for joining in and linking up.  I hope by loosening up the "rules" for Song-ography a bit, more will be enticed to participate. It works on teenagers.  Just sayin'.

(click on image for description of Song-ography)


  1. At least our photos have a very similar theme :D Love yours!

  2. Love that shot!! And loved the choice this week, thanks for hosting!

  3. There's the "cat lady" and the "crazy camera lady" and the "nut-job who hauls baby possum down the street for catch/release" - and I'm all the above. The ship has sailed when it comes to what other's think of me, so my philosophy is 'go for it'. Love the shot - can't for the life of me get 'selfie in action' to work. (barely manage 'selfie standing still').

  4. Having fun like a child is the best. It keeps us young.

  5. Very fun photo - and I so wish I had been watching from the neighbor's window! Would have enjoyed the show!

  6. You are my kind of neighbor - the one who keeps everyone else guessing!

  7. Beautiful!! I'm still working on mine, been sick and short on time!

  8. Fabulous shot and fabulous choice! Would be happy to have you as a neighbour....
    Ps.Did you receive the notes about Berlin?

  9. I am fairly sure my neighbours have the same moments with me.... Oh and I LOVE the bare Naked Ladies... great song choice