October 16, 2014

Congratulations, it's a girl...

Easily the most pain free addition to the family I've ever experienced.  And look ma...no weight gain!  I WOULD say the "quickest" too, except the courtship and engagement outlasted any pregnancy in the record books. But welcome to the fam my beautiful Thing #1.1!  The wait was certainly worth it.

There is something to be said when you see your 6'4" Thing embark upon a new journey.  I've seen so many "new journeys" during the course of his 29 years.  But I have never seen him take those first few steps with such happiness, love, and contentment.  And I have Thing #1.1 to thank for that.  She certainly brings out the best in him.  Of course, I shall miss even the "not bests" here around the old homestead. The cause of my permanently indented sofa cushions, the sweaty imprints of his massive feet on my hardwood floors, the briefcase habitually plopped on the kitchen chairs, the empty beer cans water bottles strewn on the coffee table to greet me in the morning, the washing machine always being commandeered exactly when "I" wanted to use it, and the erupting bathroom trash can which was the result of a battle of the wills between Things #1 and #3 over who would empty it first (BOTH won... I emptied it). Yep Thing #1.1....he's all yours now....enjoy!  May the odds be ever in your favor.

Thought I'd share with you the first photos I've seen of the "totally Philly" wedding day by Rebecca Barger Photography. Yep, the same wonderfully talented gal I insisted upon for Thing #2's wedding in July.  I so admire both her attention to detail AND her "eye" in capturing a "moment". Disclaimer:  for only the second time that I can remember...I took NONE of these photos.  ALL are taken directly from Rebecca's blog...please hop on over to Rebecca Barger Photography Blog if you'd like to see even more amazing wedding photography.  Thanks Rebecca for spending the day with us in downtown Olde City Philadelphia!

Meghan + Joe, Down Town Club

Meghan + Joe enjoy the sunshine outside their wedding reception at the Down Town Club in Philadelphia, Eugenia gown from Nicole Bridal, Jenkintown.rebeccabarger01
Wedding Day sunshine in Philadelphia, Rebecca Barger Photography, gown from Nicole Bridal.Wedding day cosmetics by Beke Beau, hair by Amanda D’Andrea.
Love this series of wedding day portraits of Meghan by Rebecca Barger Photography, Beke Beau Cosmetics.
Badgley Mischka bridal shoes!
Classic wedding day hair by Amanda D’andrea.
At left, make up artist Beke Beau works with Meghan at The Omni Independence Park, Philadelphia. 

rebeccabarger06  Brebeccabarger07rebeccabarger08
Meghan arrives at Philadelphia’s Christ Church and spies on her guests arriving!
What a beautiful entrance, Meghan escorted by her father, at Christ Church wedding ceremony.
rebeccabarger11rebeccabarger12rebeccabarger13 rebeccabarger14
Rebecca Barger Photography with bride in Eugenia gown from Nicole Bridal outside Cescaphe Event Group’s Down Town Club in Philadelphia.
Meghan & Joe relax amongst the polka dots at The Down Town Club, Flowers and decor by Beautiful Blooms.
It’s raining rose petals at Cescaphe Event Group’s Downtown Club.
rebeccabarger28rebeccabarger29 rebeccabarger30rebeccabarger31 Best Wishes Always, Meghan & Joe! rebeccabarger32

Given Thing #1.1's exquisite taste in both men AND shoes, all I have to say is...welcome to the family!!!!

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  1. Wow! She is stunning. THEY are stunning! And, again, so much JOY just jumping out of these photos! I love the black and white of your husband and daughter - very sweet moment captured! Thanks for sharing your joy with all of us!

  2. This post is so sweet. These photos are amazing! I enjoyed taking a peek into this moment in your life.

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  4. How wonderful! You must be exhausted and excited for them. I wish them all the best.

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    patty @ www.findingserendipity.com

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  15. Congratulations and best wishes to all! The photos truly are gorgeous. Some of these shots are refreshingly different from the usual wedding photography I've seen. It doesn't hurt a bit that the subjects are so attractive!

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  21. Kath, beautiful girl, gown, and photos! Such a darling couple@@ So happy for you and them. Cute shot of you dancing with your son! Thanks for sharing with SYC.