September 1, 2014

Song-ography, the 'High' edition...

"From the ground up we will rise,
I tipped my hat to the highest high.

"Highest High"
Chicago, Illinois

...if this is low, I'm looking for the highest high
Just let it go enjoy the ride
Without the low there ain't a high."

-"High" (Young Rising Sons)

Chicago, Illinois

Visiting Millennium Park in Chicago as the sun dipped behind the skyscrapers lent a magical light to the falling waters of this fountain.  Whether I looked to the highest high, or the lowest low...all was beautifully bathed in golden light.  Which just went to prove that way up in the sky, there's no such thing as blind.


Next week's Song-ography song is brought to you by Molly (click on her name to be magically transported to her blog and her amazing photography!).  Considering yesterday was Labor Day here in the States, I think you'll understand why I am kicking myself for not picking this song last week for TODAY'S prompt!  Oh well, better late than never...right?

"Nine to Five"
Dolly Parton (joined by Melissa Etheridge)

See?  Totally kickin' myself.  Thanks Molly for the suggestion.  I was just waiting for the perfect time to use it...then to wait a week.

Thank you for joining in this week with "High".  Can't wait to visit everyone's blogs who link up, and I hope you have the time to do the same!  

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  2. Being from Chicagoland and having visited Millennium Park many times I can't figure out the first shot. It appears to be the Tribune Tower on the right. You can't see the Tribune Tower from Millennium Park. I'll assume you combined two pictures which created an interesting picture. Is that what you did?

    1. No manipulation by combining photos... I've never done that on any of my posts. I try to keep my photography quite natural. I actually did very little editing to that shot other that adjusting levels, sharpness and contrast. I wish I could tell u the name of the building but I'm not from Chicago and do not know.

  3. Ok nevermind. I went to Google maps and used street view. It's the Willoughby Tower at 8 S. Michigan Ave. Interesting shot. It has a similar look at the Tribune Tower.

  4. Hello Millenium Park! Love these, Kathy, so striking and gorgeous!

  5. Fantastic shots - that second one is probably one of the most amazing fountain shots I have ever seen.

    Next week's song "9 to 5" - God, I love that movie and laugh just as hard each time I watch it.

  6. Super shots! Water brings a city to life.

  7. Great shots, but wow - the deluge one is really grand!!!
    Please come link up at

  8. Yay for Dolly.... I hope this one inspires people... I think there is a lot in the lyrics to play with.

    I have a couple more to add to list of possibles for some point in the future.... Black Velvet by Alannah Myles and Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn


  9. Both photos are nice, but the one of the fountain is amazing. Haven't been to Chi Town for a long time!

  10. Wow! These are gorgeous. Love that gold on the building. The last photo is pretty darn amazing, too!

  11. Your second shot is fascinating!

  12. What a beautiful set love the second one!

  13. Love the pics Kathy! Looks like all the above are in favor of the second one, but my fav is the first one. I'll keep 9 to 5 in mind as I go through the week ;-)

  14. Nice!! That second one is so cool!!!

  15. And again I missed the song-ography! Comes Sunday and I am all prepared to forget until Tuesday ! I blame old age . Stunning views of a city I visited such a long time ago but have very fond memories. The fountain with the child behind is just stunning.

  16. Amazing shots! I've never been to Chicago, but you make it look magical.