August 13, 2014

A right wing, and a left wing...

Atlantic City, New Jersey

"For everything in this journey of life we are on, 
there is a right wing and a left wing.

For the wing of love there is anger;
for the wing of destiny there is fear;
for the wing of pain there is healing;
for the wing of hurt there is forgiveness;
for the wing of pride there is humility;
for the wing of giving there is taking;
for the wing of tears there is joy;
for the wing of rejection there is acceptance;
for the wing of judgement there is grace;
for the wing of honor there is shame;
for the wing of letting go there is keeping.

We can only fly with two wings
and two wings can only stay in the air if there is balance.
Two beautiful wings is perfection."

C. JoyBell C.

Depression is akin to navigating a life out of balance.  With only one wing.  This I do know.  RIP Mr. Williams.  May you now know what it's like to fly. 

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  1. I love this frame so creative, nice flight!

  2. Beautiful photo and beautiful tribute.

  3. Yes, we'll put and beautifully illustrated. Lovely tribute.

  4. This photo gives me chills, so is the poet. Wiliams was someone who kept us laughing eventhough he wasn't feeling the best, forever in my mind for sure!

    would you like to follow each other? Let me know!

  5. It's hard to know what to write. I'll start with how much I love the photo - it stands on its own - needs no words or title. It just is. And it's stunning. Add the poem and your reflection...well, I was moved to tears. I've journeyed with a friend who lost a son this way and childhood neighbors who lost a member of their family this way. From close or from afar it is haunting. Anyhow - I'll stop now - cause your post doesn't really need words ... just wanted you to know it is a very, very special post and its for moments like this that I'm glad we "met"...

  6. Wow. Powerful. So sad to think his light has gone out, he helped me through some hard times.

  7. Beautiful. This sad news really made me stop and pray for those I know who struggle with depression and that they would never feel so desperate. I have been through seasons myself, and it is such a hard place to walk. I was thinking that Robin was one of those actors that has been around my whole life in a relevant way. I'll never forget my grade school crush on Mork.

  8. Yes, it is such a sad event when those suffering from such depression that this is the only way out. I so agree with your words...may you know what it's like to fly. RIP, you gave us much to remember!!

  9. beautiful capture, and a very fitting tribute to an amazing man.