July 24, 2014

We all love Ben...

At least here in Philly we do.  Benjamin Franklin to those who are on a more formal basis with him.  Ben to us.  He's ubiquitous.  Omnipresent. Everrrrrrrywhere.  Public institutions he helped found, museums, neighborhoods and streets bearing his name, businesses who use his likeness...and a bridge.

A big BLUE suspension bridge.

That spans the Delaware River and links Philly...

...to Camden, New Jersey.  Much easier, and less dramatic,  than crossing the Delaware using the George Washington method.

Completed in 1926, it gives us plenty of options on how to navigate that river.  Borrowing from ol' Paul Revere...one if by car.  Two if by high speed rail...

And three if by foot...

or bike...

or to not cross at all, and opt to stake a corner for the afternoon...

Two tall towers, connected by tapering cables...

It's a great place to catch a breeze, and a few photos,  on a hot summer afternoon.

Printer, inventor, philosopher, politician, firefighter, ambassador, delegate, family man, shop keeper, Mason, electrician, kite flyer, humorist...

"We are all born ignorant,
but must work hard to remain stupid."

"Life's great tragedy is that we get old too soon,
and wise too late."

"She laughs at everything you say. Why?
Because she has fine teeth."

"I didn't fail the test,
I just found one hundred ways to do it wrong."

and my favorite...

"In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom,
in water there is bacteria"

-Benjamin (Ben) Franklin

Philadelphian at heart, soul and humor.  I'm pretty sure he also said..."If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?"

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  1. I am swooning here. I have an obsession with that bridge from the time I was 4 until now. I still have the memories of crossing the bridge and finally being in Philly! Seriously, swooning!! (also, love the view into the Riversharks stadium!)

  2. Yeah. These are amazing. I got a little dizzy you did such a good job capturing the height! The Philly skyline one is my favorite!!

  3. LOL...those quotes! Love this post. Your images are just spectacular. Would love to go on a photo walk with you as you know all the great places!

  4. OMG I want so badly to come to your city! I love the wine/beer quote. Wonderful photos!

  5. Superb photos! Lovin' the wine/beer quote also!

  6. my brother did so many school projects on Ben...for some reason he just loved Ben. I think the bridge is beautiful...but I have a strange bridge thing and don't think I could walk it, or bike it and I would need medication to ride on that train rail sticking out like that.

  7. Wow!! Your photographing is amazing!!

  8. An amazing post. I am an old regular of FSO but my old reliable computer is failing and I am trying to learn how to use my new one. Your photography is excellent.

  9. This is definitely a remarkable landmark. And you made such wonderful images too. Thank you for linking up with Friday My Town Shoot Out.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  10. Oh my, I LOVE this post. Such wonderful photography, bringing back memories of my bike commute days across the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver. Ben's bike lane looks a bit similar, although I think his is a more modern and perhaps, a slightly more beautiful design. Thanks for a fun visit!

  11. I was enthralled with the photos, the angles, the colors, the light. Really enjoyed them all.

  12. I wish to stand on that bridge and enjoy all the details, the view, and feel the cooling breeze and wind in my hair! Great images & post, Kathy!

  13. Beautiful photography! Love suspension bridges.

  14. Great photos of your bridge Kathy. I always think the bridges round London or back in Van are short and flat until I walk across them, and then I realise the steep and long nature of the darn things. But lovely views, aren't they? I'm forever asking R if anyone would mind us if we built our house in the middle of a bridge. :D

  15. Love the quote by Ben, that is why I looove my wine! Great pictures of a wonderful bridge -especially with the blue, blue sky as a background!

  16. oh kathy, you photographed it beautifully!! he was a wise man!!!!!!

  17. i was thinking about songography "bridge over troubled waters".......

    whenever i read a post from you, i connect it to a song!!! hehehe, you are offically labeled!!!!!

  18. Beautiful pictures! I love the last two quotes - simply brilliant :)

    Songography on Tuesdays? Oh my... You'll open up the linky Monday night then?

  19. Those are amazing shots! Love the brilliant sun and just everything. That last quote is perfect!