July 21, 2014

Back on track...

"Back on Track"
Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania

Well, maybe not so much BACK on track.  That implies I might have been lost, when in fact I just changed direction for awhile.  Believe me...I knew exactly WHERE I was at all times.  Just not here on the blogging track.  Different tracks.

I planned a wedding and got Things #2 and #2.1 hitched and headed in a new direction in their lives...

"K & J"

I have been helping Thing #3 get a clearer picture in what direction she wants HER future to take her.  Will it be Washington, D.C. for college?

"Halls of Georgetown"
Washington, D.C.

Or will I be training it up to NYC when it comes time to visit Thing #3 at her dorm?

"College Visits"
Fordham University and Columbia University
New York City, New York

Still remaining on the college travel itinerary this summer?  Boston!  

Where else have I been?  I walked to New Jersey, whew!...

"Walkin' to Jersey"
Ben Franklin Bridge
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Okay, really not all THAT impressive.  But it's been on my bucket list to walk the Ben Franklin Bridge which connects Philly to Jersey.  The distance might not be all that mind boggling.  But the photos more than made up for the lack of calorie burn.  Blog post soon to come!

Now that Thing #2's wedding is in da books, we have turned our attention to Thing #1's big day!  The Bachelor Party was last weekend.  It started at our home on Friday evening with a barbecue...

"Got Beef?"
(with apologies to my vegetarian friends)

NO blog post to follow...there are some things a mom just doesn't want to know.

And in my "spare" time there was that little thing called our 32nd anniversary.  We escaped to the shore for a couple of days (yeah, a blog post will be forthcoming on that too!) ...

"Sailing Away"
Atlantic City, New Jersey

Where haven't I been?  Blogging.  But I'm back.  On track.  I think.  I need a vacay.

Here's where I "link up" today.

Song-ography is on vacay til August 5th...and we're moving to Tuesdays!
Until then, get ready for "Hot Fun in the Summertime" by Sly and the Family Stone


  1. Such a whirlwind of a summer - so FULL of great things! That last pic is dreamy...really! And I can't wait for the BF bridge pics! Wish I could be here for the Boston leg of the college exploration - Bean town is a GREAT college town, I'm just sayin! {also, I'm glad there's only two more weeks without song-ography...I've missed it! Clearing my Tues blogging calendar!}

  2. Woot for the Boston leg of the college tour, can't wait to meet you!!

    Good luck with the next wedding!!

  3. Bet you do need a real break from everything. Big accomplishments ! and great shots as always

  4. Well, I've got to gear up to get back on track too...can't say my summer has been THAT exciting though... :)

  5. Oh my look at all that meat! I would have loved to been part of the dinner party!

  6. Well I just can't understand why you haven't had time for blogging when you've only had a few minor tasks to attend to. Fantastic shot of the college hallway.

  7. Oops, my first message didn't make it! I love how you tell your story through pictures. And that pile of meat - oh my!

  8. Two kids getting married! That could wipe out your whole summer right there. All that beef, I hope they brought their appetites, and were not a bunch of vegans. That's a big decision for Thing 3 too, NYC or DC. My Thing 1 went off to NYC, was in uptown somewhere on 9-11. My sister's family loves NYC, the bustle of the big city. I'm glad to hear you got away to the shore. I have my woodsy garden for a perpetual vacation except not from weeds, voles, rabbits, deer and moles, they never let up.

  9. Welcome back. You've had a lot on your plate. Now send me some of that grilled stuff. :)

  10. You've been so busy but it's with all fun things!!! I should try that walk. We did the Brooklyn Bridge this weekend and that's been on my bucket list!

  11. Wow, you have been busy! I like that first photo of the train tracks going into the trees!

  12. I like busy summers! And I always like the titles you choose for your photographs :)

  13. Oh my that is one seriously long list of 'to do's' and 'to-dones' Happy Anniversary by the way... and your images make me miss Philly so VERY much


  14. Good that you managed to squeeze in a couple of days at the beach after all those exciting events in your and your children's lives.

  15. You need a vacay? There are many, including myself, that would say your life is a vacay ... wow about it all. The Atlantic City shot is a favorite. Congrats to Thing #2 and #2.1 and to Mom who went through it all. Good luck to Thing #1 and who could go wrond with all that good beef on board. More good luck to Thing#3 ... choices, choices, never easy. And Congrats to you Kath, for a clearly wonderful and productive 32 years. Welcome back ... this was a delightful return and I am looking forward to the F/U posts.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  16. What a wonderfully full summer. Seems to me you are right in track giving your attention to the things that matter most. Though, we do love visiting here, so glad you are backish

  17. Awww sweet - WE are K&J on this end ;-) Since I've seen you via FB, it didn't seem like you were really gone, but welcome back anyway.

  18. You have been quite busy! Sometimes that living life is so much more important than blogging about it.

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