June 23, 2014

School's out for summer...

"School's Out for Summer"
Georgetown University
Washington, D.C.

All three Things have us running.  Two weddings.  And did I mention...college visitations in D.C., NYC, and Beantown?  Let the "Summer of Madness" tour commence.  And may the odds be ever in my favor.

Here's where I "link up" today.

(Song-ography is on vacay til August 5th)


  1. When are you in Boston!! I would so love to connect!

    1. I will let you know and would love that too!

  2. This is going to be one amazing (and crazy) summer for you!

  3. We have one more week to go before school will be over! We will be off to a country side wedding in Bath / England. We are only guests ...leaning back and are determined to enjoy ourselves. I hope that you will have two wonderful weddings and am looking forward to seeing all the pictures!

  4. Arn't you lucky that your list is made up of all good things. Relax and enjoy, you will never have a more joyous summer :)

    andrea @ From the Sol

  5. Such a cool shot with the doors open and framing the back window! Love it, Kathy! Get some "rest". As. If.

  6. Busy busy busy I don't know how you're doing two weddings one is driving me crazy.. Almost there 26 days away

  7. What a wild summer you are having!