May 24, 2014

Song-ography, the '100 Years' edition...

"Fifteen, there's still time for you
Time to buy and time to choose,
Hey fifteen, there's never a wish better than this
When you only got a hundred years to live."

"Sixteen for a Moment"
Thing #3

Yesterday, I was fifteen sixteen for a moment.  Caught in between ten and twenty.  And I was just dreaming.  Magically whisked back to senior prom.  Sitting patiently. Waiting to get out of the house.  Wishing for time to move faster.  Eager for the next step.  The  next leap.  To spread my wings and fly.  

"Half time goes by
suddenly you are wise.
Another blink of an eye
The sun is getting high
We're moving on."

-100 Years (Five for Fighting)

I want to tell her to not wish time away.  To not chase the years of her life.  It will pass by too quickly entirely on it's own. Be patient.  But I'm sixteen for a moment.  So I know I wouldn't listen either.  You have to learn these things in your own time.  It's okay, because sixteen...I'm alright with you.


So I have to thank MY sixteen year old (Thing #3) for forcing me to listen to "Alternative Nation" on Sirius radio.  And not once (yet!) have the words "you call THAT music?!?" come out of my mouth.  I have to admit, I like her taste.  Thanks Thing #3.  And someday?  I'm sure you are gonna say the same thing when your dad forces you to listen to the "Classic Vinyl" station.  Next week's Song-ography comes courtesy of "Alternative Nation"...

"Keep on Walking"

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  1. Love those shoes! And the color of the dress, too

  2. Great image... I think those shoes are about to walk. Sorry I misinterpreted the challenge... i used my own song. I will work on another for your next one. A great idea for a photo meme!

  3. I can't find the song-ography image tag to put on my blog. Love this song, so,so many ways to interpret. I recently went to the Maifest to photograph moving objects. What I got was a deserted fairground. Got some great shots, though not what I was expecting. It lends itself though, to this song.

  4. Time is passing so quick ..I don`t know why? After a certain age you just want it to slow down a little , but tell that to a sixteen year old! Wonderful shoes and wonderful dress.I hope that she had a great evening.

  5. Special shot of the shoes.


  6. This is the perfect song for that season. I hope she had a lovely prom! The picture is so perfect, too - a fleeting look at her in this part of life.

  7. Hope the prom was special for her. Your life is so full of wonderous things happening all around you and to come.

  8. So glad it's not just me. I wanna give a shout out to the shoes too!

  9. Learning to walk in those dancin' shoes - U2. Nice capture. Thanks for sharing.

  10. This is just about my favorite song! So I had to join in the fun. Thanks!

  11. As soon as I start to 'like' the music my kids are listening to, they change channels and it is something less main-stream. I like main-stream. I have been preaching the whole - "slow down and enjoy your youth ... you have the rest of your life to be a 'grown-up' and trust me when I say it is over-rated". I can remember when things just couldn't go fast enough and sometimes that mentality seeps in, but with Ryan's graduation, I have reminded myself to set aside the hassle of it all and enjoy every last drop.

  12. Ahhhh I love Paasenger... Do you know this one? I love this song so much... maybe one for the list in the future. He is so different and his music feels rich and honest. I like that.


  13. And did you know he is coming to Philly in August?


    1. LOVE "Let Her Go"! And no, I did not know he was coming to Philly. Will check it out, thanks!

  14. It's scary how quickly time flies.

  15. Loved and this song reminds me of an old friend. Not sure if he is around or not. . Great shoes.