April 18, 2014

"I believe in pink...

"I believe in manicures.
I believe in over dressing.
I believe in primping at leisure.
I believe in wearing lipstick.
I believe in pink.
I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls.
I believe that tomorrow is another day and...
I believe in miracles."

-Audrey Hepburn (or....Thing #2)

"Bridal Shower Prep"

Tomorrow is Thing #2's bridal shower.

When Thing #2 was a little girl, she always claimed that pink was her signature color.

And she has always believed in over dressing.

...and primping.

Tomorrow is Thing #2's bridal shower.  But we are having a "couples" shower instead.  I'm sure by now that Thing #2 has convinced her soon-to-be Mr. that "real men wear pink".  Because, if nothing else...we've got to believe in miracles.

"Thing #2 - Over Dressed"

P.S. I will be posting this week's Song-ography early, due to being preoccupied with Thing #2's shower.  Keep an eye open for it!

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This week's song title is Simon and Garfunkel's "Sounds of Silence".


  1. Enjoy!! I'm enjoying my walk down memory lane as I join you in your walk toward that aisle!! Hugs!

  2. How exciting, Mama! Bridal showers are so much fun and I know it will be extra special because it is your little girl! Pink is awesome!

  3. Oh, boy! Exciting times and pretty in pink!

  4. Love the pink! I'm pregnant with baby #2 (a girl) and have been enjoying doing a pink room. Have fun!

  5. Oh, how exciting! I know it will be a lovely celebration!

  6. Nothing more exciting than a celebration in PINK!

  7. That's my favorite baby picture... For obvious reasons :o) so excited!

  8. This is so lovely.... my daughter has decided that pink is meh... she seems to be falling for black


  9. Your sneak peeks have looked like it will be a pretty shower! Enjoy this special time!

  10. How fun! Pink is a lovely color, however not on me - everybody else seem to look great in it though..! :-D

  11. Enjoy every.single.moment. She is adorable in pink - and "real" men are color blind when it comes to love. (and look good in pink) :)

  12. Real men do wear pink... or so I'm told. Lovely photo of the ribbon. Enjoy the party!

  13. I was never pink person....but the color has surely grown on me! I hope you share a pic or two of the shower!

  14. Not a thing wrong with pink or overdressing! Hope you had a great time at the shower!