March 31, 2014

The sound of music...

"The Sound of Music"
Hatboro-Horsham High School Choir Robe

I'm going to totally freak out Thing #3 and not only "mention" her here on my blog...but downright "brag" a bit about her.  Publicly.  Lucky for me, she never reads my blog.  I hope.

Thing #3 probably feels she's been a bit on the back burner lately, with her two siblings getting married and all that entails.  Lucky for her I have a four burner stove.  She gets equal time in the line of fire when it comes to me.   Also lucky for her?  She doesn't take after her mom when it comes to the "vocal" department.  That girl can sing!  (disclaimer:  "I" sound amaaaaaaazing when I'm all alone in my car singing...but somehow it just never quite translates when in the company of others.  This truly baffles me).

As a parent, it's so rewarding when you see your kid work hard at something.  Then reap the benefits.  Not only in that particular talent, but probably more self confidence.  This has been a year of reaping for Thing #3, in many ways.  But these past few months it has been her singing that has taken center stage, literally and figuratively.  We spent this weekend at the Pennsylvania State Choir Festival, where Thing #3 earned a chair as an Alto through auditions where she advanced from districts, thru regionals, and then states.  Icing on the cake?  She auditioned at States and earned a chair at the All-Eastern Choir Festival in Rhode Island later this year.  

To experience a stage full of such talent as I did this past breathtaking.  I am in awe of their commitment to hone their skills into such amazing talent.  I say this as a former sports mom, who had no experience whatsoever in dealing with an 'artsy' kid.  There are some similarities. But what my Thing #3 has...will last a lifetime.  It's the gift that will keep on giving.  

And I realized something else this past weekend, while listening from my seat in the concert hall.  I CAN sing.  I heard it coming from my heart. Thank you Thing #3.  You inspire me.  You awe me.  And still tick me off sometimes too.  

(proud mom...and only semi-afraid of showing it)

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  1. What a lovely post. My son can sing but sadly has not, as yet, decided to use that talent. Maybe age and maturity will change that


  2. I can so relate this entire girl can sing too, but she won't sing out loud or in front of us (I have to stalk her out side her bathroom door when she is in the shower, ha). And it is amazing to sit in the company, a privilege really isn't, with all those kids who have worked so hard and have come together from so many different schools and in two days sound like they have been singing together for an eternity. Gosh, how I miss those...congrats to thing #3...and you should be proud it's such an honor!!

    1. OMGosh...can't wait to tell Thing #3 there is another crazy "bathroom stalker mom" in Texas, haha!

  3. Well done her!! I can so relate being the youngest - so many things for me where put on the back burner - but then I would love that moment of "I did it"! So good for her to have her moment to shine. You need to post video of this voice! I am with you - I am an excellent the car....alone (-:

  4. You deserve to be a proud mom for a moment even if you suffer the wrath later. Worth it! This is just really exciting for Thing 3! I'm always in awe of those who can sing, so kudos to her for growing a passion. Your heart must be pretty full with all the blessings right now.

  5. This is wonderful!! I spent all of jr high and high school in the choir - still miss it! Harder to be a proud mama in blog-land when they can read and have their own computers...haha! {also, if you'd like company, I'll buy a ticket and drive down to see her!}

  6. What a lovely post for your daughter and yes, you should brag. Those genes had to come from one super Mom; you know the equation.........Super Mom = Super Kid (young lady now).

  7. I didn't know she went there! That's close!! What an amazing accomplishment for her and you were so lucky to be a part of it there with her!!! Exciting!

  8. Surely this is a site well worth seeing.

  9. Congratulations for you and your daughter! Great shot of the robe.

  10. It is wonderful for her to be blessed with such a talent and I am guessing if she looks anything like her mother, that isn't all she has going for her. You should be proud and not have any compunctions about showing it. Congratulations to Thing #3 on making The All-Eastern Choir and I assume we will get some kind of coverage of that event from you, right? Thank you for sharing your bubbling over pride with us, Kathy ... my goodness, can your life get any better?

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  11. How awesome! There is nothing better than watching your child find their place to shine!

  12. Singing harmony is one of my favorite things, so I know Thing #3 must be really thrilled to have her dreams realized to this extent. Wonderful!

  13. Way to go, Thing #3! I'm amazed at anyone who can actually sing in tune.