January 31, 2014

Random-ness (aka: a whole bunch of nuthin')...

TGIF.  It's been one of those weeks where inspiration and motivation have been lacking when it comes to my photography and blogging.  I'm gonna blame it on the Polar Vortex.  I think it can handle the guilt.  It doesn't really seem to care about all the negatives being thrown it's way, so let's pile on a few more.  While I'm at it...I'm gonna blame the ole P.V. for that crack I found in my hardwood floor AND my indecision that cost me those two verdigris lanterns that were swept out from under my nose at HomeGoods this week.  (disclaimer:  THIS comes from a woman who has been known to buy something ONLY because another shopper had the audacity to LOOK at an item that "I" was looking at...then return it later because I really didn't want it anyway).

This is what happens when inspiration, motivation, and cool verdigris lanterns are lacking in my life this week.  Random ramblings.  You're welcome.

1.  Sometimes it's good to roll over and open up your eyes...

"Sherbet Colored Sky"
Ambler, PA

2.  ...and sometimes it's good to be able to close them again.

"Wake Me Up When It's Spring"

3.  The best part of waking up?  Coffee.  Coffee helps me think. Sometimes I try to blog first.  That's a huge mistake.  

"The Best Part of Waking Up Is Folgers In Your Cup"
London, England

"Drink Coffee.   Do stupid things faster and with more energy."

4.  I'm finally full throttle in wedding mode.  And if you don't believe me, please feel free to stop by and take a look at my dining room table.  Never mind...you won't be able to see it.

"Wedding Lace"

5.  ...which means, it's time to get myself back into fighting shape and drop a few of those "Polar Vortex" pounds!  I have mother-of-the-(respective) bride AND groom dresses to buy youse guys!

"I Love Scales?
Italian Market
Philadelphia, PA

"If you really want to be depressed, weigh yourself in grams."
-Jason Love

Hoping for a new week full of less random-ness, and more lanterns.

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This week's song title is the Proclaimers' "I Would Walk 500 Miles".


  1. I enjoy random posts with lots of little tidbits - especially wedding lace! Have a great weekend.

  2. Ummm, that is some morning sky through that window, wow! I had a check up with my cardiologist who in the nicest way told me I was overweight, but I can't blame it on a polar vortex...he gave me a goal of twenty pound in 6 months, of course I need to lose more than that, so I'm gonna show him...I hope! ;)

  3. I "lost" my dining room for an entire year to "wedding mode" - it was worth it, though!! Even your randomness has such wit - hope you cheered yourself writing this post, cause you brought a smile to my face!

  4. some mornings is good to wake up but never on a weekend though. fun post.

    hope you have great day.

  5. Oh, goodness that last quote cracked me up! And my what a beautiful sky that was.

  6. When is wedding season for you then? I would happily swap you the cold for ALL this rain. Every single day, rain, rain, rain.... I am sooooooooo done with it


  7. Love your random thoughts. I'm certainly blaming my lack of photography on the Polar Vortex. I'm right there with the dog...wake me for spring.

  8. You always make me smile, Kathy. Love the photo of the coffee drinker. You have such a great eye for the interesting. Good luck and have fun with all the wedding prep!

  9. i want that scale. that is freakin' awesome!! ( :

  10. Holy gorgeous sky batman!!!! Happy weekend!

  11. I spotted that gorgeous sky, too! You make me laugh about you buying something just because someone else was checkin' it out in front of you!!! I, myself, have snagged something right off the shelf in front of someone because I thought, I MIGHT, want it...and just in case she wanted it more than I did, I wouldn't give her the opportunity. And if I really didn't want it, I would put it back somewhere else in the store where she would never find it...in the event I changed my mind! ha ha ha...Kath, another fun post! Enjoy the wedding plans! Aloha and have a great weekend!

  12. Sometimes, I think that Homer and I are soulmates :)

  13. Sometimes I wished I drank coffee; it always sounds like such a good idea, but I just don't like the taste. Oh well, tea for me then. Good luck with the polar vortex weight. I've got the same poundage on right now and don't even have the polar vortex to blame. And, I'm with the dog. I'm so not a winter person. You should see me walking around the garden willing the snow drops into bloom! Hope you have a wonderful weekend Kathy. :)

  14. What a super fun post. I love coffee and would you believe I use to have a mug with that quote on it about doing stupid things faster with more energy. That brought back some memories. - Oh the lace is gorgeous. I bet it's going to be a beautiful wedding.
    Wow that sky has some gorgeous color.

  15. Your random post made me smile...I'm also feeling completely uninspired. My poor blog is gathering dust! Lovely photos, as always - love that wedding lace.

  16. A whole bunch of beautiful nuthin'!!

  17. Random or not - you never fail to bring a smile. Enjoy your weekend.

  18. Love that rooftop coffee drinker photo! We are in wedding mode too -- 4 weeks to go! I'm heading out to shop for shoes this afternoon. And maybe Spanx :) I have my mother-of-the-bride dress, after many tries by mail order. Such a fun time. Enjoy!

    1. I'm totally going the "mail order" way too....my UPS man and I have become "besties" :)

  19. Love the sherbet colored sky through the blinds- Wow!

  20. Seriously? The creativity in this post and the photos is astounding. If this is you "challenged" then I am going to just quit blogging all together.

  21. Beautiful shot of the sky through the blinds. And there's something about that scale that screams "back to the future". Love them!

  22. I need my tea before blogging or a good Chai Latte :) Never could make a go of coffee, maybe that is for the best. Lovely photos and good luck with all the wedding activity.

  23. that lace!!! and that sky! gorgeous

  24. your posts are always so delightful! :)
    your humor and wit always make me smile.

    thank you for sharing at 1440!