October 7, 2013

Kentucky Ya'll...

The week that was...

"A Run for Your Money"
Keeneland Racetrack - Lexington, Kentucky
September 30 - October 7, 2013
Project 52 (41/52)

It was a weekend of bourbon and horse racing.  Which means I was in Kentucky.  Which means I had to try to acquire a taste for bourbon as I am a "wine-totaler" and don't particularly care for the taste of hard alcohol (the verdict?  apparently I need more practice).  Which means I found I kinda love the whole horse race track vibe and experience.  Which means...I better buy an "over the top" hat for next year when I come back!  Not to mention bring more money AND revise my handicapping technique from "I kinda like THAT horse's name".  I'm still perplexed that  "Polish Cowboy" didn't win big for moi!

What I Would be if God Hadn't Played a Practical Joke on Me and Made me German

1.  Italian (which is NOT German)
2.  Naturally thin (which is NOT German)
3.  Laid Back (which is NOT German)

After this weekend, I'm going to revise my list and insert "Southern" into the #2 slot for a new tri-fecta (and I don't mean 'South Philly').   I can bump that "laid back" right off the list as it goes hand-in-hand with the whole "Southern" thang ya'll.  To think, when I first moved to Philly my elementary school put me into "speech classes" to get rid of the trace southern accent I had from living in Maryland...because you'se guys all know how awsome-er a Philly accent is, YO!  Apparently there IS a different way to pronounce the words:  merry, marry, and Mary.  Altho, I have yet to grasp that concept...so maybe I AM a southerner at heart afterall.  Now...if only I could stomach that dang bourbon and get my eyes to stop watering!

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  1. Laughed out loud at the 'south philly' comment. My daughter lived in KY for about 18 months, right in Louisville. I visited once. My roots are German on one side, Russian and Jewish on the other side...so, let's just say I can relate! I get annoyed that northerners think a southern accent is like a speech impediment. Put me in the south for a week and I'd have the best drawl around. Won't ever hit the bourbon though...that stuff stops me in my tracks if I just catch a whiff of the stuff!

  2. I am so glad you had a great time! I love watching the action unfold on instagram!

  3. You are too funny. And what a great shot..


  4. I'm glad the South was nice to you. :-) I've never acquired the taste for bourbon either. And I would pick a horse based on his/her name, too. LOL

  5. Lmao!!! Girl-u are too funny. Hard liquor is just not my thing. It might as well be gasoline-my stomach gets really pissed off and shows me just how much it doesn't like the hard stuff. Finding a hat is going to be so totally fun for next year. As for the southern drawl-I pick mine up-again-whenever I go visit my folks in Fl. My hubby once told me to lose the accent before i come home-he was kidding of course...I think!!!!!

  6. looks like a great time you had, and that shot is super. You did catch him with all 4 feet off of the ground, and that was something that took photographers of old a lot of trial and error.

  7. I've enjoyed following along, but must confess that I kept thinking you were saying Kentucky Fried! Being a southerner and all. I think you are off to a great start using y'all and dang. Both of those are deeply rooted in the vernacular. You looked super cute all decked out for the races.

    1. Haha...you aren't the ONLY one who thought that about me getting myself "Kentucky-fied" :)

  8. You forgot to say fixin', that's a staple southe'n sayin' 'round these here parts! LOL Okay, maybe that's more redneck...rofl Can't do the hard liquor myself, in fact I just got the shivers thinking about it. Fun shot!

  9. hehe.....you'se funny!! I don't drink but I often wish I could!!

  10. Wow! I love this photo. If I weren't Swedish I'd be Danish or some other Scandawhoovian.

  11. What about the stogie y'all? Did you acquire a taste for them??


  12. Hun, ya don't need bourbon to be Southern! Great picture (and I'm tardy for the party)