September 23, 2013

Hellooooo Autumn...

The week that was...

"September Morning"
September 16 - September 23, 2013
Project 52 (39/52)

First a big shout out to either Mother Nature moi.  I think I kinda nailed this photo straight out of the camera. I mean minimal adjustments in editing, no filters, pretty much exactly what I saw.  ALMOST like I kinda knew what I was doing.  But then again, Mother Nature put it out there for me to see in the first place. So, I'm gonna give Mother Nature top billing, and I'll take the Emmy for "best supporting photographer in documenting a Philly fall morning".  A beautiful September morning, right out my front door.  There are very few perfect weeks of temps and weather here in the Philly area.  Seems we morph right from the dreaded HHH's (hazy, hot and humid) to cold, right into SLUSH and the greys, then back to the HHH's.  But last week was downright Autumn perfection.  Time to turn off the AC, open the windows, and let the Autumn air pour into the house.  It was also time to close the windows at night, snuggle under a blanket while watching TV, and argue with Thing #3 that I was NOT going to turn on the heat....yet. Seriously, suck it up and put a sweatshirt on!

I soooo look forward to Autumn's arrival.  Some look at fall as "the end".  I always see it as new beginnings.  So many things to look forward to...

1.   Wearing boots...just not snowboots.

2.   Breaking out the sweaters and blazers to wear with those NON-snowboots.  It's just so cozy, plus sweaters hide a plethora of sins.  If you see me in autumn sweatpants then ya might want to start worrying about moi.

3.   Weddings.  I have so many freakin' weddings coming up.  And some of those are freakin' fall nuptials. If I had it all to do over again (not that it is anything I'm offering to the Better-Half!), I'd definitely opt for a Fall wedding...Pinterest tells me so.

4.   "Bourbon Under the Stars" in Kentucky.  Yep, heading that way in a couple of weeks.  I don't even like Bourbon.  At least...not yet.

5.   Using my fireplace for the first time of the season.  MAYBE I'll even sip on a glass of bourbon in front of that fire this year.  NOT!

6.   Spring Autumn cleaning.  I'm a little back-a$$wards when it comes to this.  Truth is, I need to make sure I have plenty of room for my sweaters and NON-snowboots.

7.   4-5 p.m. PRE-daylight savings time.  Seriously, take a look at the light that time of day!  After daylight savings time?  Don't even bother.

8.   Frost on a pumpkin.  Note to self:  buy a pumpkin.

9.   Cooking more. Leading up til Fall, the Better Half would probably tell you it isn't possible for me to cook any less.

10.  Blake Shelton on "The Voice" starts tonight.  'Nuf said.

Hellooooo Autumn.  Hope ya stay awhile (you too Blake!).

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  1. Blake Shelton. You just made my morning. AND this photo says exactly how I feel about fall! The light is amazing right after work at "my" pond these days...I'm just loving it!

  2. Autumn is perfection in my eyes, as is your photo! SO many reasons to love autumn.. xox

  3. The light in your photo is perfect! I think of autumn as a new beginning too.

  4. I love pumpkins on everyone's porches. That makes me smile. And breaking out the sweaters. That's fun too.

  5. Great shot and wonderful post Kathy. Fall is so beautiful, and yes, in Texas, it only lasts a minute it seems! Love the lighting that you caught here.... Awards to you as the best supporting photographer!

  6. You absolutely NAILED this shot...amazing!! Yipee for the Voice tonight♥

  7. I love the way the light catches the edges of the leaves- perfect! And the squiggly little lines underneath.

  8. Sunday am I was woken by a bad rain storm. It's still dark at 6 am... no idea why that is shocking since I get up at 5 and it's really dark then lol

    And pumpkins and mums!!

  9. You did nail that photo! The light is amazing! I'm so excited for all the cozy things too. It's time to order our firewood, because we live with the fireplace roaring all fall and winter long.

  10. Is there already a hint of frost on the leaf? Oh my....summer is over! But like the idea of buying (more) boots and hiding all the summer sins under some cosy pullovers!

    1. No frost yet...just morning dew droplets.

  11. I'm with you ..... Fall is my FAVORITE.
    I'm looking forward to it's crisp air and it's cider and cider donuts .... pumpkin anything ..... and the sounds of leaves falling from branches and then walking on leaves....the crunching sound it makes! Awwwwwww!
    Happy Fall :-D

  12. What a GORGEOUS photo! Fun to see how many people are looking forward to wearing their boots--me too!

    When we went to Bumbershoot (a Seattle music festival) over Labor Day weekend, I noticed a lot of young women wearing boots with their short skirts or shorts. I guess that's a fashion trend most of us "older" women haven't embraced. I thought it was way too hot out for boots!

    Marie at Every Day Is a Miracle

  13. Ooooh, pretty photo! So funny because I know what you mean about mother nature putting the photo together for you - that's what happened with my guinea photo on today's post! :)

    Can't wait to watch The Voice tonight either!

  14. Beautiful image. I don't want fall to rush though...I hope it lingers.

  15. Yep, I am definitely a fall lover, you listed all the reasons, and I am sure hoping it sticks around for a long time.

  16. No no no... bring back the summer, I truly am a summer girl!


  17. you've got to love autumn, there is just something so cosy about it!
    great photo by the way :)

  18. I see Fall as LIFE giving! baking, roasting, soups, scarfs..all of it...I LOVE all of it! great shot!!

  19. Holy sunshine batman...what an awesome shot!! I'm not holding my breath for fall around here, no color, still in the 90's...although the mornings are more tolerable (but that too could change) It's usually only towards the end of football season -high school- that we can even entertain long pants and a sweatshirt!

  20. That is a very lovely photo, and SOC? Well done, indeed - if only for capturing what nature put in front of you!

    I look forward to autumn, a little, because that's when we take our holidays, and go somewhere warm. If it were not for OH, who complains about every little thing to do with weather and darkness from now till May, I'd enjoy autumn a lot more!

  21. Autumn is just so divine... your shot says it all. So beautiful!

  22. This photo is tremendous; so Autumn in is message as well as subject. Cool Kathy.

  23. Gorgeous photo. Non-snow boots are awesome. So is Blake Shelton. I actually prefer to clean in the fall when the air is cooler during the mornings and night. I'm a summer fan by nature, but then ask me in January and I'll say I'm a huge fan of spring. I adore all the fall festivals we have around here. Great list.

  24. You and Mother Nature nailed Autumn in this picture. I love this season and wished it lasted longer. I'm lobbying for a brief break for Christmas Day snow, and then back to the 70s (or even 60s).

  25. We're waiting for cooler weather. We hit 69 the other morning and the humidity is dropping, but fall won't arrive for another month. Love your pic, it is like warm sunshine on y face.

  26. That photo is divine. Autumn makes me want to bake. In boots ;)

  27. Such a wonderful photo.. It has been down right cold here in Idaho the last couple of days. I think they only have a couple of days of autumn here as well.. Time to move on...


  28. There's only one, well two, words for your photo - simply beautiful! & the lighting is absolutely perfect. And I must say, I look forward to Blake Shelton on The Voice, too! Hopefully he can win another season (: Loved reading this post! Have a great week!

    Allie @ Framed by God