June 14, 2013

The day I went shopping and...

...bought nothing.  Mark your calendar. Oh, it isn't that I didn't WANT to.  "Brooklyn Flea Philly" was happening at the Piazza at Schmidt's. Confusing choice of name for something happening in Philly.  Yep, LOTS I could have bought.  But I was with the Better Half.  And as luck would have it, my conscience kicked in and my rationalization skills went AWOL.  Momentary insanity.  I felt I needed to keep the notion of "I have two freakin' weddings to pay for next summer" in my brain, in deference to the Better Half who has been looking a bit pale lately.

"The Piazza at Schmidt's"
Northern Liberties, Philadelphia

As the name implies, the market is held in a piazza built at the old Schmidt's brewery.  They claim it is reminiscent of those quaint piazzas one finds in Italy. Yep, and I claim Charlie Manuel, the Phillies manager for all you non-Philly folk, should be given a contract extension (I feel I need to mention I am literally HURTING myself with my eyeroll as I typed that).  Every Sunday there is an open air gathering of vendors hawking antiques...

Re-purposed furniture and vintage clothing...

Arts/crafts by local artisans, and....food

Rain or shine.  Alas, it rained on my piazza.  Literally and figurativel, since my mind somehow managed to lack any rationalization skills this particular day.  But IF I bought something, this is what I would have had the Better Half lug home for me:

1.  A very awesome table made out of yardsticks.  I have no idea where I'd use it, but that reality is sometimes where the most creative uses develop (at least that is what I tell the Better Half).

2.  The ULTIMATE coffee table book.  This is NOT why the Better Half has been looking pale lately.

3.  Softballs.   I know, I apologize for putting these right after the "Animal Castration" book.  

4.  "I've got a brand new pair of roller skates, you got a brand new key".  Which reminds me, I'm thinking of starting a photography "link-up" of my own that relates to this photo.  Have to think it thru a bit more and work out some logistics but...STAY TUNED.  Cheap gratuitous attempt at self promotion but...I REALLY would have bought these roller skates regardless.

5.  Memory of Dad.  That white wooden folding measuring stick in the middle is EXACTLY like the one my dad always used.  Actuuuuuuuuually....I think I'm gonna head back this Sunday (Father's Day) and grab it.  No rationalization, and minimal lugging required.

Sure looking forward to both Things #1 and #2 getting married next summer BUT...they are REALLY challenging my bad-a$$ rationalization skills.  Came home with nary a purchase.  BUT, the Better Half was smiling.


  1. As we've done the wedding thing...and the whole 'mid life crisis change career and have no money' thing...I've tightened a few belts these last couple of years. I started to take pics with my phone of things I'd get for people (if I could) and text them to them...thinking of you, wish I could treat you to this! One of the best things about digital photography/blogging...it's practically free! Looking forward to seeing what kind a link up you're brainstorming!

  2. These pics are amazing, Kathy!! You have the pictures to remind you of the amazing things you saw! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Oh my gosh..such restraint! I didn't even know about that place!! I must check it out someday!!! Two weddings next summer...no wonder he's looking pale!

    1. Heather, every Sunday during the summer.

  4. That is some cool stuff at that market! I surely would have gone bonkers buying. Great photos. :)

  5. Oh, my goodness -- talk about an entertaining post. I giggled at the pale better half comments. Two weddings -- I'd be pale, too! "Brooklyn Flea Philly" looks like a lot of fun ... some good ideas (besides castration and balls). LOL. Go back and get the folding measuring stick and have more fun! Have a great weekend.

  6. Special serie of pictures. You have an unique touch.


  7. Oh you should just come shopping with me...well if I DID shop...cause I have the restaint of a freakin' saint....but not by choice, of course! But restraint all the same... :)

  8. It was a wonderful thing you did. I guess you could say you took one for the team.

  9. That yellow folding yardstick is EXACTLY like the one my dad had that I dropped into the lake when fishing with him one & watched sink to the bottom of the lake.

  10. Man, Oh man! I would love a walk through here in my state of thrifting lately! Thanks for the giggle in the journey!

  11. Looks like a great place to shop... and I would have been tempted by the skates too


  12. Not even one itty bitty ruler? You have willpower!

  13. I live for visiting vintage fairs like these!!! I'm going to tackle the one we have over at the Rose Bowl at the end of the month...it's my first time-a virgin at the biggest flea market in the valley!!! Live these photos Kathy