May 12, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday (May 12, 2013)...

Happy Maternal Unit Day to all you mom's out there.  Before I get to Scavenger Hunt, I want to send a special shout out to MY madre'.  Yes, she felt it appropriate to wear Gilligan's hat for her first trip to the Phillies' Citizen's Bank Park.  Not even a Phillies logo on it, geez Mom.  But before you judge, let's  remember we ALL have made some questionable fashion choices, i.e. the entire decade of the 80's.  Let those who didn't wear leg warmers or rock the big 80's hair throw the first stone bottle of Charlie perfume.

(Mom, Moi, and some weird lady who didn't want to be left out...probably a Mets fan)

It's been a tough year for all of us.  Been thru alot together.  Survived alot together.  And when the dust settled we have even smiled and laughed together...alot.  I'm glad that us four girls came out on the other side pretty darn solid.  And it's my Mom who I can thank for that.  Happy Mom's Day to my Mama McIntyre.  Love ya bunches mom. And you KNOW I only give those whom I love the most, a hard time.  Okay, I give LOTS of people a hard time...but it's extra "special" when I lova ya.  Just because I know you won't kick me to the curb.  Believe me, I've tested the theory and it's true.

Onto this week's Scavenger Hunt.  The  prompts are:  Golden, Bloom, Perspective, Local, and Dark.  

1.  Golden

Golden light peaking thru the trees, and the golden light of the patio torches.  Spring is here.

2.  Bloom

Bryn Athyn Cathedral
Bryn Athyn, PA

3.  Perspective

"Got Perspective?"

Perspective.  It's all in how you see things.  Got mine checked this week.  Literally and figuratively.

4.  Local

"Orange Crush"
Ambler, PA

I was gonna say I was lucky enough to catch this out of the corner of my eye as I drove home from Wawa the other day (a girl's gotta get her coffee ya know).  BUT...who WOULDN'T have seen this bright orange VW bus parked up alongside a bar?  Very little luck involved.

5.  Dark

"Dark Shadows"
Bryn Athyn Cathedral
Bryn Athyn, PA

Now get out there and go hug a mom today. her a new hat.  I'll probably just do both.  Love ya Mom.


  1. I can't believe Mom isn't wearing the beer can hat! As for your photos...I need to get myself back to Bryn Athyn! So pretty.

    1. Okay seriously Sis...I wasn't gonna mention the BEER CAN hat...that she crocheted :)

  2. I like the dark shot-great capture of the tree shadow. The orange VW bus is awesome!

  3. Great set of shots - each tells their own story! Happy mother's day to you - your bottle of Charlie's in the mail!

  4. Beautiful set. Love golden and perspective. Your mom is a doll. Hug her often, Gilligan hat or not!

  5. My hair was so big in the 80's it really was embarrassing. Love your photos as always.


  6. Wow! Perspective is amazing (and another reminder that I am in dire need of an eye doctor!) Love the orange bug too (-:
    Have a marvelous mother's day!

  7. These are all great - best one is of you and your mom. Happy Maternal Unit Day to you as well.

  8. Love your sentiments - you are a blessed woman and you know it and you share it openly!
    Your "orange crush" ------ happy!
    Perspective - thanks for the reminder to make my appointment.
    Have a wonderful week Kathy & I hope your "things" are spoiling you rotten today!

  9. Yah...the lady is definitely a Mets (and Jets) fan. WTF?
    Orange Crush is my fave-that would have been a brake stomper for me. Wawa-ha! There's only a certain segment that will get that one. What a name. Hope your "things" are treating you right today.

  10. These are FANTASTIC Kathy! I love them all but my heat goes to the VW bus- being a SoCal beach girl- those are a favorite of mine. I grew up throwing the surf boards in the back of one & heading to the beach all summer.

  11. You always rock your photos Kathy...LOVE that perspective shot....Happy Mother's Day my friend. xo

  12. Wow this set is truly awesome.
    I truly enjoyed it from start to finish.
    The Golden shot was so different and unique. Then you blew me away with the Perspective Shot.
    Bloom was quite lovely and what a great find on the VW Bus (which with the colors and textures looked so cool) and finally the wonderful shadows in your dark shot made it impossible to pick a favorite this week. Well done! I also thought your mom looked like a person who would be a lot of fun to be around. Happy Mom's Day to you too.

  13. Oooh I love those dark shadows at Bryn Athyn! I have to get over there!!
    Love the photo of you and your mom and the photobomber at the Phillies game!

  14. Love the VW Bus - and in such good shape. Your Mom is absolutely ADORABLE!